Local Farming Initiatives As A National Priority

Google co-founder and Alphabet Inc. CEO Larry Page noted, “If you ask an economist what’s driven economic growth, it’s been major advances in things that mattered – the mechanization of farming, mass manufacturing, things like that. The problem is, our society is not organized around doing that.”

If local farming initiatives were a national priority we could re-organize our country around things that really matter – such as food security and good paying jobs. We can accomplish this by developing small to mid-sized independently owned farms within or close to the cities and suburbs.

For years now, economists have been predicting an economic collapse. The only thing people think about when economies collapse is… food. Collapse or no collapse, wouldn’t people fare much better with local farms nearby? Thriving local farms would help make the “crash” much less severe – or maybe even help prevent it in the first place.

Sunny day on the farm. Courtesy ClipArt Kid
Sunny day on the farm. Courtesy ClipArt Kid

Back in the day, the local farms and related industries were the life blood of the communities. The Agricultural industry provided food and jobs for many people. It also provided real independence and prosperity.

There was an abundance of work for farmhands, mechanics, butchers, bakers, truck drivers and grocery store clerks just to name a few. The local farms helped keep the economic power where it belonged – at the local level. America was strong on the local level. Continue reading “Local Farming Initiatives As A National Priority”

Cannabis Laws & NRA, Compromising America’s Security

Cannabis Laws & NRA, Compromising America’s Security is dedicated to all the NRA members out there who are now perhaps unknowingly, responsible for weakening America’s security.

If you don’t have time to read this now, please consider signing our Change.org petition at the end of this blog. We are calling on Congress to deschedule cannabis from the drug schedules. This will help strengthen our national security.


When the NRA hears talk of a new gun restriction or ammo tax – they are up in arms making sure everyone hears their raised voices of opposition. Alarm bells are ringing, flags are waving, fists are shaking… The message from the NRA and it’s members is loud and clear: “Any new tax or new restrictions on firearms or ammo would be an infringement on the people’s Second Amendment rights, so back off.”

Second Amendment…

Second Amendment to the US Constitution.From - Congress, NRA weakening America's security - over cannabis.
Second Amendment to the US Constitution  Graphic courtesy Tenth Amendment Center

Those who wish to rob America of her independence know how hard it has been to take away these freedoms. Especially since America has an armed and well regulated militia willing to protect our beloved Declaration of Independence. Continue reading “Cannabis Laws & NRA, Compromising America’s Security”

Simpson: Cannabis THC Oil Kills Cancer Not CBD

Editors note: This blog titled “Simpson: Cannabis THC Oil Kills Cancer Not CBD” contains the most important, beneficial and possibly life-saving information we’ve ever published. The title is borrowed from a recent interview with medical cannabis expert Rick Simpson he did with Cannabis.Net. Please, consider reading and sharing what Simpson has to say concerning this “cancer killing” recipe. It just might save someone’s life.


J S Bach 1685-1750, is still revered as one of classical music’s few great masters. When it comes to harmony and counterpoint, he’s still the “go to” guy. His contributions to the music world have been enormous. Yet, in the grand scheme of things Bach’s contributions to humanity pale in comparison to the contributions Rick Simpson’s cancer killing recipe has had on humanity.

Like Bach, only in the modern natural healthcare world, Rick Simpson 1949-present, is one of healthcare’s few great contributors. When it comes to using cannabis oil to cure cancer he’s the “go to” guy. Simpson is known for his documentary titled “Run From The Cure.” He is also known as a humanitarian for freely sharing the “cancer killing” cannabis oil recipe with the public as found on his web site PhoenixTears.ca

The Official Rick Simpson PhoenixTears.ca From - Simpson: Cannabis THC Oil Kills Cancer Not CBD
“I want people to know how to heal themselves.” Rick Simpson

For years now, cancer patients have  gone to Simpson’s web site, copied the recipe for free, and simply made the cannabis oil themselves. Many of these former cancer patients are now cancer free and have posted their testimonials on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ricksimpson+testimonials and on the PhoenixTears.ca.

So, when Rick Simpson comes out with any new information, many people naturally want to hear what he has to say. The information Simpson divulges in this interview with Cannabis.Net is worth the time. Simpson’s words are in italics. The whole interview is available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lub4k4Vk5YQ

The following are some selected highlights. Two themes from the interview are 1) Medicinally speaking… Simpson’s advice on the cannabis THC oil, and 2) Politically speaking… his views concerning the politics of pot.

If you can take away just one bit of information from this blog – let it be the medicinal information concerning the “cancer killing” THC oil.

Theme 1. Medicinally speaking… Simpson: Cannabis THC Oil Kills Cancer Not CBD

Simpson’s “cancer killing” recipe calls for a heavy Indica cannabis strain containing 20% THC or higher. (Note: THC oil is different than CBD oil.) Continue reading “Simpson: Cannabis THC Oil Kills Cancer Not CBD”

Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists?

Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists?

After reading Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists? you may agree that the “cronies” who are destroying the free market business climate in Michigan are not capitalists at all. Rather they are monopoly-forming socialists masquerading around as capitalists. Consequently, many concerned citizens see this cronyism and want change. They want to replace what they perceive as “crony capitalism” – with socialism.

When it comes to special government-granted privileges, the “too big to fail” multi-national Dow Chemical Company in Midland, MI. has an unmatched amount of influence in Lansing. It’s obvious they work very hard at preventing their most viable competition – the billion dollar cannabis and hemp industries, from returning to the state. Some may say this type of cronyism is legal and it’s just the way big money in business and government works.

But, as Dr. Charles Ormsby points out this isn’t crony capitalism – it’s crony socialism:

Highlights from Ormsby’s blog: Another Socialist Lie: Crony Capitalism

Ormsby: “In reality, crony capitalism is a logical impossibility. Because the special, government-granted privileges that are at the core of this problem contradict the very essence of capitalism and would never exist under capitalism.” (In other words, capitalism would never allow for these special privileges or monopolies.)

“In a capitalist society, individuals have the right to deal with others or not based on their own rational judgment. The government would have no power to interfere with a private commercial transaction… ” (What! The government would have no power to interfere..?)

 “So how does the “crony capitalist” end up with his unearned wealth (and control)? Did the government provide special monopoly power or restrict competition? Did the government give special tax advantages or burden his competitors with onerous regulations? If so, he is a thief and a beneficiary of socialism. If he supports the system that gave him these privileges he is not a capitalist, he is a socialist.”


So, Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists? According to Dr. Ormsby’s definition – Michigan is filled with crony socialists. Continue reading “Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists?”

One photo showing America losing her wealth and protection

One photo showing America losing her wealth and protection… that is if you agree with Thomas Jefferson’s quote: “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.”

(If you don’t have time to read this blog, please consider calling your Senators in Washington DC and urge them to cosponsor the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015. Their contact information is at the end of the blog.)

All the hemp seed available in the U.S. is stacked in this Kentucky warehouse under armed guard. Next year, USDA hopes, there'll be enough to grow 350,000 acres.
All the hemp seed available in the U.S. is stacked in this Kentucky warehouse under armed guard. Next year, USDA hopes, there’ll be enough to grow 350,000 acres.

One photo showing America losing her wealth and protection

Can you imagine back in the day, Aunt Bee from the Andy Griffith Show relaxing in her easy chair, sipping her sweet tea and reading the above article in the Mayberry Gazette. “Oh look, it’s Sheriff Andy and Deputy Barney diligently guarding the hemp seed for us. Nice work, fellas!” she thinks to herself as she moves onto the next story. Confident the hemp seeds are safe from the birds and other predators.


Hemp 101:  Both hemp and cannabis come from the cannabis sativa plant. Industrial hemp varieties contain less than 0.3% THC. This single factor (0.3%) is how most people distinguish between what is classified as “hemp” and what is classified as “cannabis.” Cannabis can contain upwards of 25% THC. THC produces the euphoric and medicinal effects. Both hemp and cannabis produce effective CBD oils.

Did you know hemp seeds are a super food? The seeds are rich in essential fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, including omega-3s, which can help fight coronary heart disease, cancer, and even symptoms of depression. Hemp seeds are also a rich and unusual source of the polyunsaturated fatty acid gamma linolenic acid, or GLA.

Hemp seeds are also a great source of food for livestock, poultry and pets.

For more on hemp seeds as a super food: http://greatist.com/health/superfood-hemp also Hemp Seeds: A Super food You Need In Your Diet http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/03/01/hemp-seeds-a-superfood-you-need-in-your-diet/


Little did Aunt Bee know…

A story about a sovereign nation quietly losing vast amounts of her wealth and protection will no doubt include plenty of deception and intimidation. The deception in the photo is in the caption; that the people could expect around 350,000 acres of hemp to be grown the following year. That’s the amount of acreage the USDA said they were hoping for. Well, 80 years later, we all know ~ that didn’t happen.

The intimidation in the photo is obvious. Safe to say these two armed guards probably weren’t local. Were they even American? What American law enforcement personnel would ever go along with the dastardly deed of removing such a valuable crop from our society? Unless these men were lied to or deceived as to what the real mission was. Continue reading “One photo showing America losing her wealth and protection”

Two photos from the war on cannabis

Two photos from the war on cannabis

Photo #1

Gov Tom Wolf celebrating with families after the re-legalization of medical cannabis in Pennsylvania.
Governor Tom Wolf celebrating with families after the re-legalization of medical cannabis in Pennsylvania. Photo courtesy Gannett-cdn.com

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, signed Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana bill into law last Sunday, calling it “a great, great day for Pennsylvania.” He added that he and the majority of Pennsylvania’s lawmakers were responding not to a special interest group or to campaign contributors, but to “a real human need.”

One thing that stands out in this photo is the exuberance on the faces of those present. Seeing the joy on all those mother’s faces says a real human need has been met, indeed. Governor Wolf knows he’s accomplished something monumental as the governor of Pennsylvania and from the photo you can tell – it feels good.

This re-legalization law will benefit the happy families who are standing there behind the governor. Their children can now get their medical cannabis, legally. One less thing for the moms to have to worry about.

Something else that stands out in this photo is the special bond parents, especially mothers, have with their children. The majority of the pot activists in this photo are women/mothers. As noted here in the following philly.com excerpt, many mothers will do almost anything to help their sick children. They’ve also shown they will even break the law if necessary. Woe to the person or institution that comes between a mother and the medicine she needs to treat her sick child! Continue reading “Two photos from the war on cannabis”

Religious Crusaders v. The State of Colorado

Who exactly is behind the lawsuits over Colorado’s legal marijuana?

Out-of-state anti-drug crusaders are taking Colorado marijuana to court 

Denver Post 01/17/2016

The above article by Ricardo Baca, is one of the most informative articles I’ve read in a while. The ramifications of the lawsuits brought on by these “anti-drug crusaders” aren’t just limited to Colorado. Also, it’s easy to conclude that these crusaders really have only one enemy ~ the cannabis sativa plant.

Brian Barnes, a Washington, D.C attorney with Cooper & Kirk, is quoted as saying: “We’re putting a bounty on the heads of anyone doing business with the marijuana industry…,”

Question: Who is this arrogant sounding East Coast attorney? Putting a bounty on the heads of law abiding citizens out in Colorado!” This flag is displayed on the Cooper & Kirk web site means, “Either conquer or die.”

"Vincere aut mori" is Latin meaning "Either conquer or die."
“Vincere aut mori” is Latin for “Either conquer or die.”

Yikes! Just who are these people with their strange sounding battle cry? What must they conquer with their lawsuits and what are they willing to die for?

These highlights from the Denver Post article gives a glimpse into who they are and what they are up to.

  • The lawsuits, which make allegations of racketeering and claim that Colorado’s pot laws violate the U.S. Constitution,… (RICO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act)
  • “I don’t think the general public understands who is really behind these cases,” said Christian Sederberg, a Denver attorney who focuses on marijuana law. “It’s critical that the people of Colorado know that there are out-of-state legal interests and policymakers who are essentially and entirely backing these cases.”
  • Brian Barnes, the attorney representing Washington, D.C.-based Safe Streets. “As we understand the law under RICO, anyone who provides services to a marijuana operation is exposing themselves to potential liability under RICO.”

Continue reading “Religious Crusaders v. The State of Colorado”

ExxonMobil/hempforfood.org partnership.

An open letter to Mr. Rex Tillerson
President & CEO, ExxonMobile
Irving, TX

Re: An ExxonMobil/hempforfood.org partnership?

Dear Mr. Tillerson,

Climate Change groups have concluded that global warming is caused by people using fossil fuels. They point to fossil fuels as the cause of higher CO2 levels. Yet, their ideas for reducing CO2 levels seem unrealistic, controlling and disruptive. The good news is that CO2 levels could be reduced efficiently, not by destroying the oil industries, but by reviving the industrial hemp industries.

Since hemp breathes in 4xs more CO2 than other trees do, growing hemp again could help reduce CO2 levels. What’s even more certain is the clean burning fuel that is produced from fast growing hemp. Each acre of hemp could yield about 1,000 gallons of methanol. Popular Mechanics, in February 1937, predicted hemp would be the world’s first “Billion Dollar Crop” that would support thousands of jobs and provide a vast array of consumer products from dynamite to plastics. History shows automaker Henry Ford was on board with the hemp revolution.

ExxonMobil/hempforfood.org partnership?

At hempforfood.org our mission is to end world hunger one hemp plant at a time. An ExxonMobil / hempforfood.org partnership could bring about many benefits for people, businesses and the environment. Not only could our partnership work to reduce CO2 levels and provide clean burning fuel, it could also help alleviate hunger. Continue reading “ExxonMobil/hempforfood.org partnership.”

Christians, Cannabis & 21st Century Pharisees

Christians, Cannabis & 21st Century Pharisees

Jesus, the Rebel

In the 9th chapter of the Gospel of John is a story of Jesus healing a blind man. There in the shadows of the Temple Mount, surrounded by multitudes of disciples, Pharisees and visitors, Jesus is once again confronting the Pharisees through the healing of a blind man. We read that Jesus spit in the dirt, took the “illegal compound” out of the ground and mixed it up. One could imagine Him raising his hands above his head as He mixed the mud in His hands. This way, everyone present could clearly see His rebellious acts. As Jesus, the rebel, stood in front of the blind man applying the “illegal eye salve” for all to see, the Pharisees probably seethed with anger.

Now it was the blind man’s turn. After Jesus performed the ” illegal acts” of mixing and applying the eye salve, he instructed the blind man to go wash off in the Pool of Siloam. Seems like an odd inconvenience for the poor blind man to have to walk so far since he could have just washed off right there at the Temple Mount.

Yes, Jesus was at it again – blatantly violating the oppressive and controlling man-made laws of the Pharisees and now instructing the blind man to do the same. Somewhere along the way, the Pharisees concocted a law forbidding anyone from mixing liquid with dirt on the Sabbath. To them this constituted making something – mud, which became a violation of their laws and deserving of their punishments. Same thing with the eye salve – Illegal on the Sabbath according to the Pharisees.

The Pharisees  knew Jesus was right; as Moses commanded the people in Deuteronomy 12:32  “Whatsoever thing I command you, observe to do it: you shall not add thereto, nor take away from it.” But, instead of listening to Jesus and repealing their unlawful laws, the Pharisees determined to shut  Jesus up by killing him.

The instructions from Jesus became a test for the blind man. If he decided to remain at the Temple Mount and not do as Jesus instructed – he probably would have remained blind. He also understood if he went to the Pool of Siloam and washed off as Jesus instructed, he would be violating a law of the Pharisees. Earlier on in history, the Pharisees concocted another law forbidding the people from walking over 2,000 cubits on the Sabbath.  Ironically, the distance from the Temple Mount to the Pool of Siloam is roughly 2,000 cubits/950m/2,800 feet or half a mile.

Map from Temple Mount to the Pool of Siloam
Distance from the Temple Mount to the Pool of Siloam

Map data @2015 Google, Mapa GISrael

The Pharisees permitted the people to walk 2,800 feet each Sabbath day – even though there doesn’t appear to be any Bible/Torah passages that say anything about how many steps someone can take on the Sabbath. Nothing about making mud or an eye salve, either. All these man-made laws gave the Pharisees authority over the people. These laws also gave the Pharisees  the ability to punish any offenders of their oppressive laws. Jesus didn’t approve of their laws and responded by calling them “Hypocrites!” “Brood of Vipers” and “Blind guides.”

Christians & Cannabis in the 21st Century – The Latter/End Times

In defense of the ancient Pharisees that Jesus was confronting in the above story, the Pharisees appeared to be trying to do good with their laws that they hoped would reinforce the Sabbath day. Their intentions seemed to be  good. On the other hand, fast forward to the 21st century to a New Testament  passage describing the latter times and how some of God’s people will blatantly turn against His creation and commandments.

1 Timothy 4:1-3 states: “Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.”

What could this “meat” be that we are commanded to abstain from – illegal in the latter or end times? Something created by God and referred to as “meats.” A Bible with a good cross reference links the word “meats” in 1 Timothy 4:3 to the word “meats” found in Genesis 1:29 which states: “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

Although God said man can eat every herb bearing seed, and that they shall be for meat – the modern day Pharisees have decided contrary to God that cannabis and hemp are not good for man. Both cannabis and hemp are classified as Schedule 1 drugs. We have been  commanded to abstain from them. It should be noted that hemp seeds are considered a super food. Some say hemp seeds are the safest, most digestible, balanced, complete source of protein, amino acids and essential fats found in any food. Hemp will grow practically anywhere and for the rich as well as the poor.

Speaking of rebellion, there is parallel situation between God’s green seed bearing herb and the rebellion of Adam and Eve. In a nutshell, God told Adam and Eve they could eat from any tree in the Garden of Eden except for one specific tree. This tree was off limits, but it probably wasn’t long before Adam and Eve were right there eating the fruit from the tree they were instructed to stay away from.

After this rebellious act from the first couple, the ground was cursed. But, apparently not everything was cursed. It’s worth noting what God commands Adam to eat after he and his wife disobeyed. In Genesis 3:18 God says “Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shall eat the herb of the field.” What is this herb that God is commanding Adam to eat?

This herb seems really important to God. After all during the Creation account in Genesis 1:29 we read of God allowing man to eat from every herb that bears seed. During the Fall of Man story in Genesis 3:18 God is actually commanding Adam to eat the herb of the field! But wait, there’s more…  during the Flood account in Genesis 9:3 “Every moving thing that lives shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.” This time we get a little bit more of a description of this “beloved”  herb of God – it’s green. Does anyone know of any mainstream churches encouraging the use of any herbs – especially a green seed bearing herb of the field?

Can you Imagine walking into a “latter time” mainstream Christian sanctuary and seeing cannabis sativa plants growing all around? Wouldn’t the thought of seeing these plants growing in the sanctuary seem demonic to you? Perhaps demonic to modern day Christians who have departed from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;? Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.”

The Body is the Temple

Many Christians reject the use of God’s green herb by saying: “The body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and shouldn’t be defiled…” concluding that cannabis will defile the body. Do they have any scripture to back up their claim that God’s green herb will defile the body? I haven’t been able to find any Scripture/Torah verses that says cannabis & hemp are bad for the body/ Holy Spirit. Also, the Scripture passage that mentions this concept of the body being the Temple is sandwiched between verses which specifically mention “fornication”. It’s clear this passage is dealing with fornication – a sexual sin.

Another popular reason for rejecting God’s green herb is… “We must obey the governing authorities as quoted in Romans 13 and it’s illegal.” Well, the governing authority in the US is our Constitution. Therefore, one could argue that cannabis & hemp prohibition is disobedience to the governing authority because such laws are a violation of the people’s Constitutional rights – unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Another relevant Scripture passage is in Acts 5 where the Apostle Peter says “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

[Editor’s note: Many Christians are at odds with God on the issue of cannabis and hemp. We are not encouraging anyone to break any laws. Our intent is to educate, so Christians will reconsider their opposition to this useful herb – created by God to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.]

A Hedge of Protection for the 21st Century

The concept of a hedge of protection can be found in Job 1. Job was a wealthy and upright man. His self-sustaining wealth afforded him the ability to provide a hedge of protection against predators such as wild animals and thieves. Today, cannabis and hemp industries could be the backbone for local self-sustaining communities. They could provide a “hedge of protection” for everyone. Providing food, medicine, fuel, fiber, hempcrete etc., for both man and beast.

If these industries were thriving everywhere, they would shift control back to the local communities and away from the modern-day Pharisees/Beast Power/New World Order or whatever you want to call it. For me, one characteristic of the Beast Power/NWO – they are adamantly opposed to God’s green herb.

Christians should be outraged at man-made laws that are in direct violation of God’s laws; especially laws that take away their God given rights to provide for themselves and their families. Ironically, there is the widely popular belief that, the detestable “Mark of the Beast” scenario will arise from man-made laws that will control how people worship, and what they can buy and sell. Sounds like the people will be dependent on this Beast Power in order to buy and sell. With this, wouldn’t Christians be in favor of growing hemp as a hedge of protection against this enslaving Beast Power?

In the last chapter of the Bible, Revelation 22, there is a beautiful description of the new heavens and the new earth. “…on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding it’s fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

The heavenly leaves that will be used for healing in heaven sound like the healing properties found in cannabis & hemp based CBD oil. Many people are seeing, according to their own testimonies, “miraculous benefits” from using CBD oil. This link contains many credible and interesting studies: https://www.projectcbd.org/

Have you noticed the lack of media coverage and lack of support from the medical community for this seemingly “miraculous oil”? This lack of support for CBD oil might be better understood after reading Revelation 18:23. This verse describes the deception found during the latter days. “… For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery (Pharmacia) all the nations were deceived.”

Today, man-made drugs and genetically modified, phamaceuticalized foods are all the rage with the governing authorities. And while millions of Americans are addicted to mind altering prescription drugs, God’s green herb is classified as a Schedule 1 drug. Isaiah 5:20 speaks to this upside down scenario: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…”

The blind man in John 9 didn’t receive his sight until he did what Jesus instructed him to do. In doing so, he broke the laws of the Pharisees when he walked all the way to the Pool of Siloam and washed away his blindness. What would Jesus, the rebel, do to confront the modern day Pharisees and their oppressive laws concerning cannabis and hemp? What would He instruct the blind to do in order to be healed? Probably something so confrontational and rebellious that, even though the blind received their sight, it would still get Him and His followers thrown out of most churches in America – maybe even thrown in prison.


2,016 Hemp Farms in 2016 now seems within reach

2016 Hemp Farms in Mexico & U.S.

Our goal of establishing 2,016 hemp farms in 2016 now seems within reach due to a few select words from Judge Arturo Zaldívar, Minister of the Mexican Supreme Court. He made headlines when he proposed to legalize cultivation, transportation and consumption of marijuana for leisure or recreation. He noted its ban goes against the free development of personality.

Judge Zaldivar
The Constitution allows each individual to choose his own life plan as long as it doesn’t affect others.

(Foto: Archivo / EL UNIVERSAL)

With that, the Mexico Supreme Court ruled in favor of recreational marijuana use for the four individuals who filed the suit.

The four belong to the organization Mexico United Against Crime. Their aim was not sowing and consuming marijuana, but to discuss the negative affects of prohibition and to have the Court rule on the matter. The measure was approved in a 4-1 vote. If the court rules the same way on five similar petitions, it would then establish the precedent to change the law and allow general recreational use. Source: El Financiero

The Judge’s verbiage “…allows [guarantees] each individual to choose his own life plan as long as it doesn’t affect others…” sounds like something one might hear coming from Thomas Jefferson, Sam Adams or Ben Franklin. Thomas Jefferson’s life plan probably included growing hemp. He is quoted as saying: “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”

Mexican Judge Zaldivar and his colleagues are open minded enough to return the God-given, natural right to grow cannabis back to the Mexican people. Wouldn’t they also be on board to give back the rights to grow hemp for food, fuel, fiber, CBD oil, and hempcrete, too? After all, using cannabis recreationally is one thing but, growing hemp as a necessity to the wealth & protection of the country is a more basic human right.

The international treaty, known as the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961, classified cannabis and hemp as Schedule 1 drugs. However, Article 28 (2) of the Convention states: This Convention shall not apply to the cultivation of the cannabis plant exclusively for industrial purposes (fibre and seed) or horticultural purposes. (Hemp is a specific variety of the cannabis plant. The THC content of hemp is 0.3%. Medical & recreational marijuana strains produce anywhere between 5-30% THC.)

Article 28, Single Convention of 1961
This Convention shall not apply to the cultivation of the cannabis plant exclusively for industrial purposes (fibre and seed) or horticultural purposes.

Hopefully, Judge Zaldivar and his colleagues will interpret the hemp exemption found in Article 28 (2) of the treaty to mean the Mexican people have the right to grow hemp to at least, provide food for themselves and their families.

Advantage Mexico

Comparing Judge Zaldívar’s thoughtful contemplation of peoples’ individual rights with what is happening here in the State of Michigan late in 2015, the contrast couldn’t be more noticeable. Michigan Attorney Michael Komorn claims Michigan prosecutors pressured state police crime labs to change the way THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, is reported in an effort to circumvent Michigan’s medical marijuana law. Komorn alleges scientists were told to report an “unknown origin” for THC contained in oil, wax or perhaps a brownie if no visible plant material was present. The THC would then be declared a synthetic substance or synthetic marijuana rather than natural marijuana – turning a misdemeanor pot charge into a two-year felony.

MI Crime Lab : Schuette
Michigan Crime Lab, synthetic marijuana, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, two-year felony.

Komorn added “The crime lab is systematically biased towards falsely reporting Schedule 1 synthetic THC, a felony, instead of plant-based marijuana, a misdemeanor.” He also contends that the Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan and state Attorney General Bill Schuette, an opponent of medical marijuana, influenced state police policy. “It is scandalous, scandalous. How can you trust the state lab when they are influenced by politicians?” Source: MLive

It looks as though Michigan’s Attorney General Bill Schuette isn’t going to let Michigan’s Medical Marijuana laws that were passed in 2008, or the truth to get in the way of his crusade to eradicate cannabis from the State. On the federal level cannabis and hemp are still classified as Schedule 1 drugs.

So, it doesn’t look likely that the US war on cannabis & hemp will end anytime soon. This could easily give Mexico the advantage of becoming an economic superpower – based almost entirely on reviving the cannabis and hemp industries.

Many people agree that growing hemp for food, fuel, fiber, CBD oil and hempcrete is a basic human right. At hempforfood.org we are doing what we can to help make this a reality for those people here in the US and Mexico.

Hemp Farm Kits

In a nutshell, our strategy is to distribute Hemp Farm Kits to prospective hemp farmers in Mexico and the US States where legal. Each Kit contains between 100 – 1,000 plantable hemp seeds. Also included are growing instructions, soil support and a hand tool.

Hemp Farm Kit
Each Hemp Farm Kit contains between 100 – 1,000 plantable hemp seeds. Also included are growing instructions, soil support and a hand tool.

Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to distribute the Hemp Farm Kits through charitable, church, and other humanitarian groups already established in the country? We could send the Hemp Farm Kits to these organizations and they could deliver them to the local people.


The task looks daunting, but the rewards make it definetly worth trying. 

First, we need to work to petition Judge Zaldivar and his colleagues in Mexico to change the laws regarding hemp.

Also, former Mexican president Vicente Fox has recently been very vocal about his efforts to legalize marijuana in Mexico and in the U.S. He believes that decriminalization could only improve a society and that recreational use should be allowed. One of the main reasons Fox is being very persistent in his struggle for the legalization of marijuana is that he hopes to reduce drug related criminal offenses in both Mexico and the U.S. He believes this is the only way to stop cartels from acting like mad dogs.Source: Legalization of Marijuana.com

At hempforfood.org, we are working to educate potential partners to the benefits of growing hemp to help alleviate hunger and poverty. The hemp industries would also help create more sustainable communities in Mexico making the country ~ wealthy and strong.

We’re looking for potential hemp farmers with the resources and fertile land necessary to succeed at hemp farming. Small to medium size farms may have many advantages.

We are looking for high quality hemp seed distributors.

Last, but not least, we are developing our online Hemp University designed to assist hemp farmers worldwide with finding seeds, growing and harvesting hemp, equipment needs as well as helping the farmers sell their hemp products.

Oh yeah, none of this is going to be cheap!

We are networked with many people and groups who may be able to help us get the hemp seeds to the future hemp farmers.

Daniel Roth, executive editor of LinkedIn talks about writing a piece like this… “All you’re trying to do here is start a conversation. So don’t feel like your piece has to be perfect, that it has to have all the answers. You’re just trying to start something that gets other people talking…”  If you can help, please, let’s get the conversation going.


Similar to Black Friday shoppers waiting to get into the stores – hempforfood.org will be anxiously waiting outside the borders of Mexico waiting to get in with our plan to help end world hunger and help stabilize the region. Unlike many Black Friday shoppers, we will enter calmly and safely. It’s interesting to note that Black Friday shopper stampedes have actually killed people. To the best of my knowledge cannabis and hemp have never killed anyone.

Let’s end world hunger by ending the war on cannabis and hemp.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!