Is hemp > “central powers?”

Is hemp > “central powers?” I think we will know in the next few months. Let me explain. Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”

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Hemp is a hearty plant. It will grow almost anywhere and for almost anyone. For the rich and poor alike. It is grown for food, fuel, fiber and medicine. Within local cannabis & hemp industries, people are able to produce products with intrinsic value independent of “the system.” Seems like a silly question, but could it be this independence from the system is the reason why cannabis & hemp are illegal today?

If people all over the world were able to grow cannabis & hemp for food, fuel, fiber and medicine – the world would be a strikingly different place. The power structure could easily be turned upside down. Central powers would diminish as local self-sustaining communities would flourish.

What could further this shift in power are ironically enough, the banks. They can’t take the chance of working with businesses in the cannabis & hemp industries – as the penalties are too great. This is from Forbes: …Bank employees, officers, and directors can be prosecuted for these crimes, some of which may, depending on the amount of marijuana involved, trigger 5-10 years of mandatory minimum sentences. BSA violations are punishable by up to 10 years in prison when combined with other federal offenses. Money laundering can get you up to 20 years, and life is the maximum for participating in a marijuana conspiracy.

Could the banks or “the system” be cutting off their nose despite their face? What if, for example Joe quietly barters away two pounds of medical grade cannabis worth $7,500 to Bob, his neighbor. In exchange Bob, a home builder, provides Joe with the hempcrete he needs to finish building his new house.

Bob is also a businessman. He keeps a quarter pound of the medical grade cannabis for his wife’s anxiety issues, and sells the rest to a chef that makes cannabis infused edibles. The chef pays cash for the goods and then sells the edibles to upscale restaurants…also for cash. So far, life goes on without the need for the banks to be involved.

Uncle Sam is obviously familiar with hemp as an economic powerhouse. Here is a picture from the “Hemp For Victory” campaign.



“Hemp for Victory” is a US Government film made during World WarII and released in 1942, explaining the uses of hemp, encouraging farmers to grow as much as possible. But, who was after the hemp seeds back then that they needed armed guards? The Nazi’s, the Japanese or maybe even hungry birds? Well, 75 years later… we now know.

Will “the system” or the “Beast Power” or the “Central Banksters” – or whatever you want to call them relinquish control of the cannabis and hemp industries? Or will cannabis & hemp remain locked away in Schedule 1 classification under armed guards forevermore? I suggest it will be an uphill battle to free this herb from “the system.”

Interesting to note that within the Biblical narrative – the enslaving “Beast Power” is obviously opposed to God’s green herb. But, so are the “Christian Churches!” Add the “Central Banking System” to those opposed and you can see cannabis & hemp having formidable opponents.

However, people are once again understanding this Thomas Jefferson quote: “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.” With all this new momentum to re-legalize, will people and farmers in America have the audacity to just start growing this herb for food, fuel, fiber & medicine again – even with the risk of militarized storm troopers raining down on them?

I think we will have answers at the end of the 2015 growing season. Its starting to look like it could be quite an eventful summer and fall here in the United States in 2015! Much of the above scenario could be considered speculation – short on facts; long on innuendo. So, if anyone can add to this, feel free.