ExxonMobil/hempforfood.org partnership.

An open letter to Mr. Rex Tillerson
President & CEO, ExxonMobile
Irving, TX

Re: An ExxonMobil/hempforfood.org partnership?

Dear Mr. Tillerson,

Climate Change groups have concluded that global warming is caused by people using fossil fuels. They point to fossil fuels as the cause of higher CO2 levels. Yet, their ideas for reducing CO2 levels seem unrealistic, controlling and disruptive. The good news is that CO2 levels could be reduced efficiently, not by destroying the oil industries, but by reviving the industrial hemp industries.

Since hemp breathes in 4xs more CO2 than other trees do, growing hemp again could help reduce CO2 levels. What’s even more certain is the clean burning fuel that is produced from fast growing hemp. Each acre of hemp could yield about 1,000 gallons of methanol. Popular Mechanics, in February 1937, predicted hemp would be the world’s first “Billion Dollar Crop” that would support thousands of jobs and provide a vast array of consumer products from dynamite to plastics. History shows automaker Henry Ford was on board with the hemp revolution.

ExxonMobil/hempforfood.org partnership?

At hempforfood.org our mission is to end world hunger one hemp plant at a time. An ExxonMobil / hempforfood.org partnership could bring about many benefits for people, businesses and the environment. Not only could our partnership work to reduce CO2 levels and provide clean burning fuel, it could also help alleviate hunger. Continue reading “ExxonMobil/hempforfood.org partnership.”