hempforfood’s new interactive website

Hello friends,

We’ve updated hempforfood.org to make it more interactive. With this update we hope to be a useful resource for future hemp farmers. So, in addition to our blog, (comments are back!) we plan to put the rubber to the road, or better yet, the plow to the field by offering support for hemp farmers with whatever needs they may have.

Once we know each farmers specific needs, we’ll contact those in our network who have expressed a willingness to help. Some farmers may need legal advice. (Note, we can only work with hemp farmers where hemp has been re-legalized.) Other farmers may have a few questions or may need help purchasing high quality hemp seeds.

To help raise funds and hemp awareness, we’ve designed a hempforfood T-Shirt thats available for a donation of $25.00 or more. hempforfood.org is a “limousine free” non-profit group.

Please, check out our new site and feel free to contact us if you have comments, suggestions or if you’ve been thinking about starting a hemp farm or hemp garden. We’d like to help you get started. Let’s make the most of the Indian hemp seed,… and sow it everywhere!