Cannabis Laws & NRA, Compromising America’s Security

Cannabis Laws & NRA, Compromising America’s Security is dedicated to all the NRA members out there who are now perhaps unknowingly, responsible for weakening America’s security.

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When the NRA hears talk of a new gun restriction or ammo tax – they are up in arms making sure everyone hears their raised voices of opposition. Alarm bells are ringing, flags are waving, fists are shaking… The message from the NRA and it’s members is loud and clear: “Any new tax or new restrictions on firearms or ammo would be an infringement on the people’s Second Amendment rights, so back off.”

Second Amendment…

Second Amendment to the US Constitution.From - Congress, NRA weakening America's security - over cannabis.
Second Amendment to the US Constitution  Graphic courtesy Tenth Amendment Center

Those who wish to rob America of her independence know how hard it has been to take away these freedoms. Especially since America has an armed and well regulated militia willing to protect our beloved Declaration of Independence. Continue reading “Cannabis Laws & NRA, Compromising America’s Security”

Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists?

Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists?

After reading Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists? you may agree that the “cronies” who are destroying the free market business climate in Michigan are not capitalists at all. Rather they are monopoly-forming socialists masquerading around as capitalists. Consequently, many concerned citizens see this cronyism and want change. They want to replace what they perceive as “crony capitalism” – with socialism.

When it comes to special government-granted privileges, the “too big to fail” multi-national Dow Chemical Company in Midland, MI. has an unmatched amount of influence in Lansing. It’s obvious they work very hard at preventing their most viable competition – the billion dollar cannabis and hemp industries, from returning to the state. Some may say this type of cronyism is legal and it’s just the way big money in business and government works.

But, as Dr. Charles Ormsby points out this isn’t crony capitalism – it’s crony socialism:

Highlights from Ormsby’s blog: Another Socialist Lie: Crony Capitalism

Ormsby: “In reality, crony capitalism is a logical impossibility. Because the special, government-granted privileges that are at the core of this problem contradict the very essence of capitalism and would never exist under capitalism.” (In other words, capitalism would never allow for these special privileges or monopolies.)

“In a capitalist society, individuals have the right to deal with others or not based on their own rational judgment. The government would have no power to interfere with a private commercial transaction… ” (What! The government would have no power to interfere..?)

 “So how does the “crony capitalist” end up with his unearned wealth (and control)? Did the government provide special monopoly power or restrict competition? Did the government give special tax advantages or burden his competitors with onerous regulations? If so, he is a thief and a beneficiary of socialism. If he supports the system that gave him these privileges he is not a capitalist, he is a socialist.”

So, Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists? According to Dr. Ormsby’s definition – Michigan is filled with crony socialists. Continue reading “Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists?”

Religious Crusaders v. The State of Colorado

Who exactly is behind the lawsuits over Colorado’s legal marijuana?

Out-of-state anti-drug crusaders are taking Colorado marijuana to court 

Denver Post 01/17/2016

The above article by Ricardo Baca, is one of the most informative articles I’ve read in a while. The ramifications of the lawsuits brought on by these “anti-drug crusaders” aren’t just limited to Colorado. Also, it’s easy to conclude that these crusaders really have only one enemy ~ the cannabis sativa plant.

Brian Barnes, a Washington, D.C attorney with Cooper & Kirk, is quoted as saying: “We’re putting a bounty on the heads of anyone doing business with the marijuana industry…,”

Question: Who is this arrogant sounding East Coast attorney? Putting a bounty on the heads of law abiding citizens out in Colorado!” This flag is displayed on the Cooper & Kirk web site means, “Either conquer or die.”

"Vincere aut mori" is Latin meaning "Either conquer or die."
“Vincere aut mori” is Latin for “Either conquer or die.”

Yikes! Just who are these people with their strange sounding battle cry? What must they conquer with their lawsuits and what are they willing to die for?

These highlights from the Denver Post article gives a glimpse into who they are and what they are up to.

  • The lawsuits, which make allegations of racketeering and claim that Colorado’s pot laws violate the U.S. Constitution,… (RICO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act)
  • “I don’t think the general public understands who is really behind these cases,” said Christian Sederberg, a Denver attorney who focuses on marijuana law. “It’s critical that the people of Colorado know that there are out-of-state legal interests and policymakers who are essentially and entirely backing these cases.”
  • Brian Barnes, the attorney representing Washington, D.C.-based Safe Streets. “As we understand the law under RICO, anyone who provides services to a marijuana operation is exposing themselves to potential liability under RICO.”

Continue reading “Religious Crusaders v. The State of Colorado”

Welcome To Reefer Madness circa 2015


Screen shot 2015-08-26 at 6.41.59 PM

The original Reefer Madness campaign began in the early 1930s with media ads like the one above. In 1936-39 an American propaganda film called Reefer Madness was produced. It revolves around the melodramatic events that ensue when high school students are lured by pushers to try marijuana—from a hit and run accident, to manslaughter, suicide, attempted rape, hallucinations, and descent into madness due to marijuana addiction. Source: Wikipedia

Welcome to Reefer Madness circa 2015

What is it about cannabis that evokes such a negative response in so many people – even in 2015? Here is a plant that has been used medicinally for millennia. Cannabis is one of the 50 “fundamental” herbs in traditional Chinese medicine, and is prescribed to treat diverse indications, as described in the book “Chinese Materia Medica: Vegetable Kingdom.” by Frederick Porter Smith. Recently, positive results using CBD oil have also been shown with what looks to be “miraculous results”.

I personally don’t know anyone who has been harmed from cannabis or hemp. I suspect you probably don’t either. Unless as Willie Nelson says: ‘It Won’t Kill You Unless You Let A Bale Of It Fall On You’. Yet, so many people still appear to be programmed to hate cannabis and hemp. If their neighbor’s son is sent to prison for getting caught with this harmless plant, they don’t blame bad laws or crooked politicians – they blame the cannabis user. How did this change in attitude happen? Where did the prosperous American cannabis and hemp industries go? How did they become illegal and just disappear?

Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.” Hemp seeds are a superfood – it was a staple of the early American diet. The hemp industries helped communities become strong, independent and self sustaining. People prospered in the United States with cannabis and hemp until the 1930‘s when a small group of powerful men determined these God given plants needed to be eradicated from American soil.

The only problem –  for well over two hundred years Americans had been using cannabis and hemp in their everyday lives. How could these power brokers just waltz right in and take away these vital industries from the American people? Impossible. Yet, in the 1930‘s something happened and, like sheeple, everyone suddenly just gave up and gave in. Cannabis and hemp had been eradicated. How did it happen?

Credit must be given to the Reefer Madness campaign produced back in the 1930’s portraying “evil marihuana” users as “zombies” and potential murderers.

Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 2.49.35 PM

As ridiculous as this erstwhile 1930‘s Reefer Madness campaign looks to us today, it was obviously successful back then. First came the Reefer Madness media blitz demonizing cannabis and hemp. Then came the laws outlawing them.

What would a Reefer Madness 2015 media campaign look like today? A campaign that would make us continue to hate this safe and effective herb so much that we are OK with our neighbors being fined or hauled off to prison for using it?

Meet Terrence Kellom, of Detroit. Kellom is WXYZ Detroit’s latest Reefer Madness zombie circa 2015.

Screen shot 2015-08-24 at 4.44.38 PM

A few months ago, Kellom was shot and killed during a raid by an ICE officer at a home in Detroit. It’s reported that Kellom charged at the officer with a hammer extended over his head. Boom! Just like that – WXYZ had what it needed. A Reefer Madness zombie with evil marijuana in his system attacking a law enforcement officer with a hammer! Reefer Madness 2015.

Kellom’s Autopsy & Toxicology Report was released Aug 20, 2015. The WXYZ Detroit newsroom got right to work reshaping their Reefer Madness version of this incident. Paragraph three of their online report is dedicated to Kellom’s toxicology report that had been whittled down to just one sentence which reads: “His toxicology report showed there was also marijuana found in Kellom’s system.”

Unfortunately, reporter Anu Prakach or the editor, who posted the toxicology report failed to remove the word “also” from this sentence while they were editing out the other pharmaceuticalized drugs and alcohol listed in the toxicology report.

As you can see from the toxicology report other drugs include Opiates, Benzoadiazepines, as well as cannabinoids. Along with the cannabinoids/cannabis, the toxicology report also lists another 15 different man-made or pharmaceutical drugs found in Kellom’s system. Alcohol was also found.

toxi 2

Apparently, Prakash & WXYZ don’t think you need to know any of this information concerning the alcohol or all these other pharmaceuticalized drugs found in Kellom’s system. What you need to know is… KELLOM HAD MARIJUANA IN HIS SYSTEM! The distorted WXYZ narrative: This crazed Reefer Madness zombie was under the influence of marijuana when he attacked the officer with a hammer!

Prakash’s online report confirms her & WXYZ’s unabashed, angry biased reporting designed to demonize this beneficial herb while providing cover for their Big Pharma sponsors. It’s hard to believe WXYZ Detroit edited out the alcohol and all the other mind altering “hard drugs” Kellom had in his system. But, then twisting the truth to imply that it was just REEFER that turned Kellom into a zombie is reprehensible.

But, Big Pharma and alcohol commercials are a cash cow for WXYZ Detroit. Their influence on WXYZ must be enormous. We all know the pharmaceutical industry as well as the FDA has never embraced cannabis, hemp or any other natural products for that matter. It’s been a zero tolerance policy for cannabis and hemp in the war on drugs.

Now, for the rest of the story… Remember poster boy for the New World Order, President George H W Bush? Bush, a champion in the “war on drugs” loved talking about the New World Order. His cozy relationships with the pharmaceutical industries were also deep and wide. Coincidentally, pharmaceutical drugs/users/distributors etcetera, have for the most part, been exempt from the “war on drugs”. The long list of pharmaceuticalized drugs found in Kellom’s system shows how readily available these dangerous drugs are. No surprise, pharmaceutical drugs have also always been exempt from any kind of media scrutiny.

The results of the New World Order’s “zero tolerance” and “three strikes and you are out” drug policies can be seen in this chart showing the soaring prison populations in Michigan. Similar soaring trends can be found nationwide.

Screen shot 2015-08-26 at 1.15.47 PM

It looks like WXYZ Detroit’s Reefer Madness 2015 campaign continues full throttle and is well funded by Big Pharma and the alcohol industry. The related prison population boom also continues to generate huge profits for the New World Order. Their quest to keep cannabis and hemp out of the people’s hands show no signs of slowing down.

Thomas Jefferson would be right in saying these restrictions on cannabis and hemp have usurped the wealth and protection of our country. It seems obvious, that this must be a goal of the New World Order – to usurp the wealth and protection of our country. Here we see they will go to any lengths to achieve their goals.

Screen shot 2015-05-15 at 7.38.32 PM

Will anyone investigate the cozy relationship between Big Pharma and WXYZ’s blatant distortion of the facts? Shouldn’t we expect Michigan’s state attorney general Bill Schuette, to look into this disturbing trend? Yes, we should expect our AG Schuette to investigate – but after reading the following paragraph from an MLive article concerning Michigan’s AG Bill Schuette and his crusade against cannabis – an investigation doesn’t look likely to happen anytime soon.

MLive article states: “Dispensaries had been selling marijuana to patients under protection of Michigan’s 2008 law until a February 2013 Michigan Supreme Court ruling invalidated that protection. While patients remain protected as consumers, retailers no longer have clear legal protection to sell. Ever since, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette – a fierce opponent of the 2008 law – has aggressively encouraged and assisted the closure and criminal prosecution of those seeking to sell pot under the 2008 law.”

Maybe, this explains how a reporter like Anu Prakash and WXYZ’s newsroom could do something so blatantly unethical. They know they have “friends” in Lansing.

The struggle continues…


If you feel something we’ve written is in error, please correct us. Do you know of any similar stories with a similar media bias? If so, please share!

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Why I returned my Medical Marijuana card

The excitement I received when my first order of cannabis seeds arrived from overseas made the future look bright and cheery. Watching these fast growing plants develop and grow in my own indoor garden was awesome. This combined with the warm light and abundance of fresh oxygen made it worth every penny. But, the best part – the cannabis was working, medicinally. Being able to grow safe natural cannabis without the use of chemicals, meant freedom had arrived.

Screen shot 2015-07-28 at 3.57.35 PM

I now agree with the millions of others who have had similar positive results and also believe that cannabis is a miraculous plant. The only problem in all this – cannabis and hemp are classified as Schedule 1 drugs on the Federal level. The penalty for using Schedule 1 drugs may land you in prison for the rest of your life.

However, in Michigan, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP) law allows patients to grow cannabis if certified. This Schedule1 classification was of no concern to me since I was certified. Then it dawned on me, things seem to have changed over the past few years within state governments as well as the Federal government. My perception is that lawmakers are no longer serving or protecting the American people anymore. In fact, it seems as if they are working against the will of the people as the following examples show.

Cannabis is clearly a state’s’ right issue. The 10th Amendment spells that out and the one lawmaker who is supposed to protect the states’ rights is the state attorney general. But, Michigan’s attorney general Bill Schuette hasn’t shown any support for cannabis at all. In fact, MLive reports: “Ever since, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette – a fierce opponent of the 2008 (Michigan’s Medical Marijuana law) – has aggressively encouraged and assisted the closure and criminal prosecution of those seeking to sell pot under the 2008 law.” What? Schuette is a fierce opponent of the law? Isn’t he supposed to be a fierce proponent of the laws?

Another published article titled: Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette Obsessed with Marijuana states: “At his (anti-pot) seminars, Scheutte instructed officers to arrest patients, confiscate any medical marijuana, and let the courts decide whether a crime had been committed. The AG went on further to explain that if a police officer returned the seized cannabis to the patient or caregiver, they themselves could be charged with the felony offense of delivery of a schedule one controlled substance.” Source: Wow, in America? The AG is threatening the cops that if they obey the laws they themselves could be charged with the felony offense …?

What is most disturbing is Schuette’s statement “…let the courts decide whether a crime has been committed…” Does Schuette believe he has enough of his “brand of judges” in place to just blatantly disregard the patient’s rights under the MMMP and instead prosecute these patients as criminals?

It’s clear – AG Schuette has a deep seated hatred for God’s green herb, and it doesn’t look like he will allow the law to get in his way of persecuting those patients who use cannabis.

On the Federal level just last week, on July 23, the House of Reps in Washington DC passed H.R. 1599, a bill which preempts state and local authority to label and regulate genetically engineered food. Dubbed the Deny Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act, the bill passed by a vote of 275-150.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association and companies including Pepsi, biotech giant Monsanto and Koch Industries backed the bill. Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), who introduced the bill, has been one of the single largest recipients of campaign funds from Koch Industries. Source:

The Feds and biotech giants like Monsanto aren’t big fans of anything “natural” – especially God’s green herb. If they can’t patent it – it is automatically an enemy to their patentable products. And, if Monsanto can twist the food around to the point where they don’t want you to know what you are eating, their friends in DC will protect them to keep the people in the dark. The health concerns of the vast majority of concerned Americans who aren’t comfortable with GMO’s are written off as a few activists.

On the other hand, we all know how safe and beneficial cannabis is. Yet, health officials argue cannabis should remain illegal because of the unknown health risks associated with it. Therefore, those caught using it could be fined or imprisoned. It sounds far fetched until you hear about people like Jeff Mizanskey from Missouri. Jeff has served over 21 years of a life sentence for three nonviolent cannabis offenses.

Or, how about Shona Banda, the mother from Kansas, Mike Pompeo’s state, who was treating her Crohn’s disease illegally with medical cannabis. Authorities took her son away and put him in protective state custody.

Shona Banda

Charges against her, include two misdemeanors—endangering a child and possession of drug paraphernalia—and three felonies: unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance, possession of equipment used to manufacture a controlled substance, and distribution or possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of school property. The distribution charge, a “drug severity level 1 felony,” carries the longest maximum sentence: 17 years. Some interpret the law to say she could be in for up to 34 years.

At least her son will be safe from her and her natural medicine if she’s locked away until he is a grown adult, right? America: are we really going to let this lady go to jail for possibly 34 years for treating her Crohn’s disease with cannabis?

The hypocrisy couldn’t be more obvious. GMO producers say GMOs are safe. So safe in fact that the public doesn’t need to know what’s in these new “pharmaceuticalized foods” that they will be feeding us from now on. On the other hand, the Feds claim cannabis and hemp have no medicinal value and are highly addicting and therefore should remain classified as Schedule 1 drugs. According to the Feds, “Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Schedule I drugs are the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence.”

Paranoia on my part? I hope so. But, who will be filling all those empty prison cells out there in all those prisons that have quietly implemented the “Prisons for Profits” business model? Will they be filed with executives from Pepsi, the Koch brothers or Monsanto? Or will it be nonviolent cannabis users from all across the nation who are violating federal law by growing, distributing and using a Schedule 1 drug?

Who would invest in such an un American “Prisons for Profits” model? The Pepsi executives, the Koch brothers and Monsanto investors are the most likely people to invest in the “Prisons for Profits” scheme. One can only imagine what these “investors” will do to the prisoners in order to increase their profit margins.

In their 3 minute movie titled The Worst Company in the World Wants You In Prison by Brave New Films, the producers ask: “Which private prison company made more than $1.7 billion last year alone? Corrections Corporation of America is the largest for-profit prison operator in the United States, with roughly 90,000 privatized prison beds in 20 states. CCA gets paid per day, per inmate at their facility, providing an incentive to maximize the number of people incarcerated. Combine the profit incentive with lobbying lawmakers, and you have a recipe for corruption.”

CCA’s contract with 48 states guarantees 90% occupancy over the term of its 20 year contract.

So, for me the answer is obvious. I personally would rather suffer the health consequences that may arise from going without the cannabis – then end up in an internment camp for “disloyal Americans”. I no longer wish to be on a state or federal registry as someone who is violating federal law. The thought of where this may go is dreadful.

Good bye, sayonara, and good riddance Medical Marijuana card! It was a wonderful experience while it lasted.