Ending world hunger with hemp

Aerial shot of Flint Mi. Courtesy: Google

me•trop•o•lis (mĭ-trŏpˈə-lĭs) noun. -A city or an urban area regarded as the center of a specific activity: a great cultural metropolis. Here’s an aerial view of Flint’s Golden Metropolis. As […]

Occupy Wall Street protesters

Our life, liberty, and property are no longer safe because our local economies have been wiped out. We need to rebuild starting with integrating farms and related industries back into our local communities. Let’s walk away from Wall Street so we can once again Re-Occupy Our Farmlands.

hempforfood's new interactive website

Hello friends, We’ve updated hempforfood.org to make it more interactive. With this update we hope to be a useful resource for future hemp farmers. So, in addition to our blog, (comments are back!) we plan to put […]