Hemp and world hunger

Working to end world hunger – one plant at a time.

Sunny day on the farm Courtesy Clip Art Kid From Adding local farming initiatives to our National Infrastructure - as a food security issue.

Incorporating small and mid-size farms within or close to the cities would provide food security for many people. Good jobs would become available. Returning to local independent farms would also help bring the economic power back to the people.

Second Amendment to the US Constitution.From - Congress, NRA weakening America's security - over cannabis.

This blog titled Cannabis Laws & NRA, Compromising America’s Security looks at how Medical Marijuana Card Holders are being denied their rights to buy firearms. This infringment weakens America’s security as it decreases the number of armed Second Amendment militia members. The NRA is silent.

Gov Tom Wolf celebrating with families after the re legalization of cannabis in Pennsylvania.

Two photos from the war on cannabis Photo #1 Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, signed Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana bill into law last Sunday, calling it “a great, great day for Pennsylvania.” He […]

An open letter to Mr. Rex Tillerson President & CEO, ExxonMobile Irving, TX Re: An ExxonMobil/hempforfood.org partnership? Dear Mr. Tillerson, Climate Change groups have concluded that global warming is caused […]

Hemp Farm Kits vs canned foods.

Sending Hemp Farm Kits to future hemp farmers has more potential for ending world hunger than sending canned food to people in need. Hemp plants provide nutritious, THC free hemp […]

Hemp Is A Schedule 1 Drug.

  U.S. law governing hemp – from Kentucky Agriculture Department site http://www.kyagr.com/  Under the current U.S. drug policy, all cannabis varieties, including hemp, are considered Schedule I controlled substances under the […]

Military vehicles or Decorticators?

Once cannabis & hemp are re legalized, we will no longer need all these militarized police vehicles. We can recycle them into decorticators. Decorticators can be used for processing hemp.