Flint’s Golden Metropolis Is Green

me•trop•o•lis (mĭ-trŏpˈə-lĭs) noun.
-A city or an urban area regarded as the center of a specific activity: a great cultural metropolis.

Aerial view of Flint Mi. Courtesy: Google
Aerial view of Flint Mi. Courtesy: Google

Here’s an aerial view of Flint’s Golden Metropolis. As you can see it’s green with some of the richest farm and pasture land around. Thus the title Flint’s Golden Metropolis Is Green. Every successful metropolis needs a strong agricultural system that provides fresh food and water for it’s citizens. Rich soil, fresh water and sunshine – Flint’s Golden Metropolis has it all.

Why not find a way for the local people to buy this land so they can turn all this green into gold real gold. Farms, ranches, butcher shops, bakeries and grocery stores owned by the local people could make Flint’s Golden Metropolis an economic powerhouse.

Instead of blowing 100 million dollars on new water pipes to “tweak the ghetto”, why not loan Flint residents some of that money so they can buy/buy into a local farm, ranch, or other related business within Flint’s Metropolis? This way Flint residents can take back control of their food production and make a decent living doing it.

Unfortunately, Flint has taken a PR hit lately with the Flint water crisis. A crisis that exposed thousands of children to lead poisoning and killed a dozen others. But Flint residents aren’t to blame. Nor is the land – it’s the Michigan politicians and city officials that are to blame.

City officials could face prison for Flint water crisis

More officials connected to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, are facing felony charges. They could spend decades behind bars if convicted. They are accused of not protecting people in Flint from exposure to lead and bacteria. At least a dozen people died as a result of the contamination, and hundreds of children were poisoned. Jericka Duncan reports.


When Michigan’s Governor Snyder sensed criminal activity going on he opened his own independent probe. Unfortunately, he was demanded to shut it down by “his boss” Michigan Attorney General/Dow Chemical Ambassador, Bill Schuette.


~ News Flash ~

Farmer Faces $2.8 Million Fine for… Plowing His Field!

A California farmer is facing $2.8 million in fines for plowing his field and planting wheat without a permit. (A permit means the farmer must receive permission from “Mother” to grow wheat.)

John Duarte of Duarte Nursery is David going up against Goliath, just like ranchers, farmers and natural health product makers. His case could set a dangerous precedent that would require farmers to obtain expensive and time-consuming permits from the US Army of Corps Engineers before planting crops.

“The case is the first time that we’re aware of that says you need to get a (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) permit to plow to grow crops,” said Anthony Francois, a lawyer for the Pacific Legal Foundation. “We’re not going to produce much food under those kinds of regulations.”


The 1st plank of the Communist Manifesto: 1. Abolition of private property… What’s the difference between the Abolition of private property and taking control of a person’s land or property thru unusually high fines and other restrictive laws? If the local people took back control of their lands there wouldn’t these oppressive laws.

Why point out these two issues? 1) Flint’s water crisis with it’s untold damage. 2) A farmer being sued by outsiders for 2.8 million for growing wheat without getting “Mothers” permission.

Now we see what happens when outsiders come in and take control away from the local people. The outcome is never good for the people. This is why our plan to restructure Flint with it’s own agricultural base that is owned and controlled by the people can offer real benefits for all the people of Flint. People who are sure to take much better care than outsiders. The farmers back in the 1950s understood the importance of this.

Farmer Owned – Farmer Controlled – All Together

Farmer Owned - Farmer Controlled From: Hay Farming: “Grass Is Gold” circa 1950 Allis-Chalmers Tractor Division
Farmer Owned – Farmer Controlled From: Hay Farming: “Grass Is Gold” circa 1950 Allis-Chalmers Tractor Division

Just 1/10th of 100 million dollars or 10 million dollars could establish 10-12 small to medium sized farms and ranches in the Flint metropolis area. Flint residents could move out of poverty and into new homes and communities with real jobs in the newly formed agriculturally based local food industries.

Allowing Flint residents and others, to buy and operate small to mid-sized farms and other related industries would help get the local economy going again. This way most of the money would remain in the local economy. Who knows, someday we might even be able to make our own cereal again.

Kellogg's Cereal A 'Product of Mexico'
Kellogg’s Cereal A ‘Product of Mexico’

In the center of Flint’s Golden Metropolis is Flint’s Farmer’s Market which is one of the best around. (If you’re ever in Flint the BBQ chicken and the Mac n Cheese there is so good it’s worth mentioning.) The new farmers, ranchers, butchers and bakers could sell their meat, produce and baked goods at the Flint Farmers Market. Next thing you know Flint would be well on it’s way to being a food secure metropolis again – complete with great food.

Speaking of being food secure…

~ News Flash ~

May 14, 2017 Cyberattack’s Impact Could Worsen in ‘Second Wave’ of Ransomware
LONDON — Security experts are warning that the global cyber attack that began on Friday is likely to be magnified in the new work week as users return to their offices and turn on their computers.
What if their was another Cyberattack 2.0 or the economy crashes – which of the following 3 groups would you want to be in?

— Group 1 are Flint residents. They’ve worked hard at GM for 30 years and have quite a few stocks and other investments. Somewhere down the line – their money has been “securely” converted into digital numbers on a computer server in the outer Universe.

— Group 2 are also Flint residents and have a few gold and silver coins stashed away. With the intrinsic value of the gold and silver coins these Flint residents will at least be able to use the coins to buy some food – if there is any. As we see time and time again during economic upheavals the people usually end up in danger of starving to death. Then after a few months we somehow go on pretending it’ll never happen again…

— Group 3 are farmers and ranchers living on farms and ranches on the outskirts of Flint’s Golden Metropolis. Or they are part owners of butcher shops and bakeries. The farms produce fresh meats, poultry and dairy products, fruits and grains. The butchers and bakers would do their thing. Whatever happens to the global economy will have little effect on these local agricultural economies and what the farms produce. Flint’s Golden Metropolis would remain relatively insulated from the economic turmoil that the Group 1 people would experience with their Wall Street investments.

’cause when the sh*t hits the fan…
— Group 1 would have nothing. Even a major power outage or an EMT attack, whatever that is, would most likely render these and many other investors penniless. Money from 30 years of hard work converted to digital numbers on a hard drive that crashed would be devastating. Their first and perhaps last concern would be “What will we eat?”

— Group 2 would eventually shell out most of their gold and silver coins to the farmers in Group 3. How much gold and silver would be needed to purchase an Isa Brown egg laying hen or two – or a few pounds of beef? They’d pay whatever is needed in order to get their hands on anything from the farmers and ranchers in Group 3.

— Group 3 would remain in good shape as they would be able to continue growing and raising food regardless of what the globalists do to the economy. Group 3 would probably end up with most of the gold and silver coins, too. They could even pick up that new tractor for just a few head of steer, a few gold coins – or both.

(Now we can see why the Communists & globalists abolish property ownership. People growing their own food means too much independence from Mother’s tether.) So, as Americans have converted their money into digital numbers onto Wall Street data bases – foreigners are coming in and buying the land out from under us. We touched on this subject in our last blog titled From Occupy Wall Street To Re-Occupy Our Farmlands. https://hempforfood.org/from-occupy-wall-street-to-re-occupy-our-farmlands/

It doesn’t take much to realize the people currently living in Flint have very little food security. They eat what is brought to them. If the food quits coming – they quit eating.

Now that the jobs have been moved to Mexico and elsewhere many people have had to turn to welfare to eat. Just like slaves dependent on what Mother gives… Well, in Speaker Ryan’s Wisconsin, it looks like Mother wants you to pee in a cup to see if you have been violating her laws before you get your food stamps.

Wisconsin plan would cut off Medicaid and food stamps for those who refuse drug test

All childless adults applying for BadgerCare would be screened for illegal drugs, including marijuana, which is not legal in Wisconsin even for medical purposes


What has happened to our country?! The government took away the billion dollar cannabis and hemp industries from the free markets back in the 1930s. Then we lost thousands of jobs to NAFTA in the 1990s. It’s as if this was all done on purpose. Now that the jobs are gone, if you want to eat you’ll start peeing in the cup for Mother… Is this the kind of world we want our kids to inherit? Most of us would rather work for food than pee in a cup for food.

But wait – there’s hope!  Our pro free-market capitalist President recently tweets this out:

President Trump on Regulations
President Trump on Regulations

This is really unheard of – that a President of the United States would go to bat for the American people like this. Now is the time to take advantage… “Mother” isn’t happy with President Trump throwing out all their rules and regulations that enslave us.

Brand spanking new water pipes won’t fix our need for food independence. Real independence would come quicker if that money was set aside for the residents of Flint to build out their own modern-day metropolis complete with a Farmer Owned – Farmer Controlled agricultural base. This is another reason why it’s necessary…

The Globalization of rural America – Hell on Earth


This isn't a farm, it's a feedlot. Hell on Earth
This isn’t a farm, it’s a feedlot. Hell on Earth

The above photo of a feedlot reveals a lot of disturbing things about the current state of our beef industry. As you can see the feedlots aren’t about producing fresh clean meat for those in the local community. The feedlot operators have one thing in mind – making as much money as possible. No farmer or rancher can compete with this kind of Hell On Earth. This is as “cheap” as it gets.

The basic concept of the feedlots is to increase the amount of meat each animal produces as quickly and cheaply as possible. To do this they cram the cattle in together so they can’t move around much – thereby gaining weight faster. So what happens when one of the cows in the middle of the crowd needs to take a dump? What do they do? Well, they just stand there and take a dump all over themselves and the other nearby cattle.

Any company in the meat industry that could do this to these animals should probably be shut down for animal abuse and arrested for attempting to produce contaminated meat. It’s as if the actors that allowed Flint’s water crisis to go on are the same actors operating these feedlots and trying to destroy our meat supply.

A general rule of thumb says it takes 1.5 to 2 acres of grass to feed a cow/cow calf pair for 12 months. There are hundreds of cows in the above feedlot photo. Those animals should be spread out onto several farms and pastures – grazing on the lush green grasslands that make up Flint’s Golden Metropolis.

We’ve heard about the deaths and brain damage caused from the lead in Flint’s water. But, what impact is the feedlot meat having on people, you ask?

~ News Flash ~

Colorectal Cancers on the Rise in Younger Adults

By Matt McMillen, WebMD
Durado Brooks, MD, managing director of cancer control intervention at the American Cancer Society points to changes in diet over the last few decades as a possible explanation. Hormones and antibiotics used on livestock and found in meat and other animal products might reduce the ability of our gut bacteria to protect us from disease, says Brooks.

Dr. Brooks suggests hormones and antibiotics used on livestock may be the culprit for the rise in Colorectal cancer. Seems like a no-brainer since 70% of all antibiotics manufactured in the United States are used for the feedlot meat industry. The antibiotics are needed to keep the animals alive as they wallow in each others fecal matter all day and all night.

The cattle have chronic indigestion because of the unnatural diet they are being fed. Half the bicarbonate of soda (Baking Soda) in America is consumed by feedlot cattle that suffer from chronic indigestion. Source: Modern Marvels

GMO’s and CAFO’s Drive Disease Statistics and Destroy Communities

  • Genetically engineered crops and confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) promote disease and destroy communities’ quality of life [The cows should be out pooping in the pastures vs pooping on each other in a feed lot.]
  • Toxic waste from CAFOs, which includes antibiotics, pesticides, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria, migrates into surrounding lands and groundwater
  • CAFO waste also contributes to air pollution; CAFO workers and neighboring residents have higher incidence of asthma, headaches, and nausea


No wonder why feedlot “meat” stinks like crap when people cook it. I’ll bet it tastes like crap too from all the antibiotics, sodium bicarbonate, fecal matter…

So now that we have a glimpse of what they do to destroy our meat by using feedlots or CAFO’s. It’s obvious – another reason why we need to take back control of our local economies, our water, farmlands and state and local governments.

~ News Flash ~

Hard Times Come to Much of Rural America

Scarcity of capital for small businesses has accelerated the crisis described in “Rural America Is the New ‘Inner City’” by stunting the growth of young businesses.

Businesses in rural towns are starving for equal access to capital that has benefited urban areas for decades. Scarcity of capital for small businesses has accelerated the crisis described in “Rural America Is the New ‘Inner City’” by stunting the growth of young businesses. Traditionally, a rural business owner or enterprising farmer who needed assistance to purchase farm or manufacturing equipment or even warehouse space would go to the community bank or farm credit office and acquire a loan. Today there are far fewer community banks, and those remaining lenders have higher credit and liquidity…


The Wall Street hedge fund managers/bankers or whatever they are, probably aren’t going to bother loaning a Flint farmer any money for a new tractor. But, he will gladly loan money to the inhumane feedlot operators because their profit margins are higher. This is where the people can use help from the government in the form of cash or loans.

 ~ Now For The Good News Concerning Flint’s Golden Metropolis ~

Grass is Gold

From: Hay Farming: “Grass Is Gold” circa 1950 Allis-Chalmers Tractor Division
From: Hay Farming: “Grass Is Gold” circa 1950 Allis-Chalmers Tractor Division

Grass is Gold because cows are designed to eat grass while grazing out in the pastures. Grass is their natural diet.

Flint’s Golden Metropolis has ample pasture lands to produce some of the worlds finest grass fed beef and dairy products. Thus the title Flint’s Golden Metropolis Is Green. It’s the green grass that can make the gold. Another bonus, cows that are able to graze in the grass lands don’t need the antibiotics or the Baking Soda to survive.

From a business point of view most people who have access to grass fed beef and dairy products won’t be going back to the inhumane feedlot operations for their meat.  Therefore, customer retention for the grass-fed beef and dairy industry will remain high. Farming and ranching could be a consistently profitable business for many in Flint’s Golden Metropolis.

Hemp For Feed?

Farmer David Wise of Hemp Fed Beef Company explains the role that hemp plays in his cattle feed. Hemp acts as a nutritional uptake catalyst which enables the cattle to gain lean muscle mass. “It’s really working,” Wise said. The only complaint Wise has is that he can’t grow his own hemp to feed the animals. For now, he has to get his hemp supply from Canada.

“Because of the high oil content and the fatty acids, the animals actually utilize more of their feed, he said. “They digest more of it, which means the farmer is getting more out of his feed.” Aside from hemp feed being high in protein and fatty acids, hemp-fed cattle are antibiotic, steroid and hormone free. Hemp-fed cows taste better too, he said. “It has a better flavor, a better taste…”

You can’t get “high” from hemp even though it contains minuscule amounts of THC. Since it contains THC it’s classified as a Schedule 1 drug with the US Government right along with heroin. Hemp seeds are a super food for both man and beast and would flourish in Flint’s Golden Metropolis. If and when this billion dollar industry is ever returned to the people Flint’s farmers and ranchers will be able to become even more profitable by utilizing hemp for food and for feed. #PureMichiganHemp

Modern farming techniques bring more advantages for Flint’s Golden Metropolis.

In the past, a big drawback to raising livestock profitably has been the cost of installing the fencing to keep the animals in. With today’s advances in fencing – this is no longer an issue for many. These temporary light weight fences are easily moved from one pastureland or paddock to another in a short period of time. In other words they are ideal for rotational grazing.

Portable high tech fences for farms and pastures. Photo Courtesy Premier Supplies.
Portable high tech fences for farms and pastures. Photo Courtesy Premier Supplies.

Here’s another huge advantage for Flint’s metropolis: Hoop Barns. Hoop barns are quickly replacing traditional barns.


Super Moo-Tel™ Livestock Hoop Barn - 26'W x 12'6"H x 100'L
Super Moo-Tel™ Livestock Hoop Barn – 26’W x 12’6″H x 100’L

This Super Moo-Tel Hoop Barn by FarmTek sells for $15,000 https://www.farmtek.com/farm/supplies/prod1;ft_livestock_housing;supermootel_PB01510R4W.html

Their are many advantages to Hoop Barns. They come in all sizes and are much more affordable and easier to set up than the wooden barns of the past. Ideal for housing swine, cattle, sheep and goats. The naturally lit environment and many ventilation options create healthier conditions for both animals and people. They also design hoop barns for poultry, hay, and farm equipment.

Price breakdown for a farm start-up

15 Open Angus Heifer Calf $1,000 each x 15 = $15,000
Hoop Barn for livestock $15,000
Tractor $45,000
Tractor Storage Building 30’Wx 15’Hx 30’L $5,000
1 mile of Electric fencing $5,000
Hoop Barn for poultry 26’ W x 12’ H x 24 L /with poultry $5,000
Pick-up truck and trailer $25,000 + $10,000 = $35,000
Well/ water filtration system $25,000
Total for farm start-up approximately $150,000
Farm house $100,000
Smaller farmhand residence  $75,000
Farm Start-up Total around $325,000
Farm land/pasture lands would cost $200,000+ The farther out you go the more affordable the land becomes.

Another advantage: Michigan has many properties that are listed as great hunting properties. With a little TLC many of these hunting lands could be converted into pasture lands. Why not clear some of this fertile land, lease it out and let animals graze on it? Or grow fruit and crops on it?

Here’s a property in the Flint Metropolis – 47 acres in Lapeer County, Michigan. Crawford Road, Dryden, Michigan 48428 – $286,200

This property boasts a lush green hay field that has been used for corn and soybean in the past, 100% of the field is classed prime farmland soil made up of Conover Loam, Lapeer Sandy Loam and Brookston Loam.
Crawford Road , Dryden , MI
Crawford Road , Dryden , MI
Crawford Road, Dryden, MI. Aerial view
Crawford Road, Dryden, MI. Aerial view

$286,200 for this property, plus $300,000 for the houses, barns etc. = $586,200 + $50,000 for hidden costs/consulting fees = $636,200 or $650,000. It might take a year or two for the farm to become profitable so $100,000 ramp up. Grand total $750,000


Another option is to become part owner of a farm or ranch. The farm could be run by a professional farming company. With some real government support, why not get a few of your friends or relatives or investor friends to buy into a farm? If five people each put in $150,000 they could own a decent farm that could produce farm fresh food and also turn a profit.

Preparing to Buy Land with a Group

Whitetail Properties writer

Like any business deal, it comes down to picking the right partner(s) and establishing a plan for how you will operate as a group. The owners need to share the same vision for the land. It’s important to come to agreements on issues, how payments will be made, what happens if someone falls behind payments or passes away. Do this before any purchase is made. Then, visit a real estate lawyer to get all these agreements in writing.

Typically, in partnerships where individuals own equal shares of the land and new issues arise that are not in the legal agreements, voting is how decisions are made.

There are several ways hunting land partnerships can be set up legally. The most common are putting multiple names on the title and establishing an LLC.



With all the modern farming conveniences and upgrades, each new farm could get growing/raising for around $750,000. If 1 million dollars was set aside for each of these 10-12 new farms, plus a few butcher shops and bakeries – that’s only 10-15% of what they plan on wasting on the water pipe re-do. Spending 100 million dollars for new water pipes will only create temporary jobs and only for a few select construction companies. In the end Flint residents will still be living in poverty and will still be attached to Mother’s government tether.

On the other hand investing in Farmer Owned – Farmer Controlled farms and related industries would be a better long term investment for many Flint residents. These new local food companies could supply Flint’s metropolis with a constant supply of farm fresh food and many good jobs for years to come.

Psalm 82:3 “Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.” We can uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed by giving them food stamps, a box lunch and a word of encouragement… Or we can offer real help by allowing the people to buy the land so they can grow and raise their own prosperity on it – from green to gold. This is how we can really defend the weak and the fatherless.

Flint’s Golden Metropolis is already there in place – ready to go. The question is, will we allow the poor and oppressed to take back control of it? Yes!


Thanks for reading. As always if you feel something needs correcting or expounded upon please, let us know so we can look into it.

From Occupy Wall Street To Re-Occupy Our Farmlands



Please note, hempforfood.org does not condone occupying, stealing or squatting on other people’s property. This article From Occupy Wall Street To Re-Occupy Farmlands is meant to point out the lack of real wealth on Wall Street compared to the abundance of real wealth found down on the farm… any ol’ farm.


Back in 2011, the Occupy Wall Street protestors shed light on the economic inequality that has permeated our society. Much of this economic inequality stems from laws and policies enacted by lawmakers that are favorable to the big banks and multinational corporations. 

These laws and policies have allowed the big banks and multinational corporations to decimate our local economies – which further weakens America.

The practice of the “big money” people influencing lawmakers to the detriment of the American people is nothing new. Back in 1873 author Mark Twain said, “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” 

hempforfood.org offers a few practical solutions to our pressing economic inequality issues. The first thing we need to do is to get our local economies back. Here’s our proposals:

1) Integrate small and mid-sized farms back into the local communities.

2) Support the return of other farm related industries such as local butchers, bakers, food processors, delivery drivers and grocers. 

3) Keep the money in the local economy.

This will allow farmers to once again sell their locally grown and raised food to local butchers and bakers who could then produce and package the foods to be sold in the local grocery stores. Local customers would be able to once again buy the fresh, locally produced food. This would keep the local economy going.

Big changes will be needed if we are going to fix our economic inequality issues. Our life, liberty, and property are no longer safe because our local economies have been wiped out. This is why we need to walk away from Wall Street so we can once again Re-Occupy Our Farmlands.


~ News Flash ~ 18 January 2016, Oxfam International reports 62 individuals own the same amount (of wealth) as half the world.

“The finance blog Zero Hedge posted an article titled It’s Time To Get Painfully Honest: Banks Are Evil. Quote, “I’ve increasingly come to see the financial industry — with the big banks at its core — as the root cause of injustice in today’s society.”

The article goes on to say, “They have made themselves too big to fail, and too big to jail. Remember that their reckless greed caused the 2008 financial crisis, and yet, in 2009, not only did bankers avoid criminal prosecutions, not only did the banks receive hundreds of billions in government bailouts, but they paid themselves record bonuses?”

Occupy Wall Street protesters courtesy Relevant magazine.
Occupy Wall Street protesters courtesy Relevant magazine.

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is the name given to a protest movement that began on September 17, 2011, in Zuccotti Park, located in New York City’s Wall Street financial district, receiving global attention and spawning the movement against economic inequality worldwide.

Occupy Wall Street protesters

How long can someone Occupy Wall Street? A couple of days? It’s a cold hard place with no public restrooms available for protestors. All the gold is gone and you can’t eat the concrete. It’s not really a conducive place to occupy for long.

Farmlands on the other hand have always provided real wealth in the form of fresh food and good paying jobs. The rich economy around food and livestock has alway been an integral part of thriving societies.

Unfortunately, the politician/legislators in the US have rigged the system against us through taxation, regulation and money manipulation. All the necessary ingredients to produce a thriving local economy have quietly disappeared.

How did this happen? Economic inequality is in part the result of the American people losing their farmlands, their food supplies and the related jobs. The food industries have been taken over by multinational corporations.

It’s easy to manipulate and control people today using fiat money like that found on Wall Street. This is why Zero Hedge refers to the big banks as being evil. But it isn’t as easy to manipulate or control people who are occupying the farmlands. 

Watermelon Field - Photo Courtesy: mosesorganic.org
Watermelon Field – Photo Courtesy: mosesorganic.org
Poisoned Watermelon

Back in the early 1800s, a land owner came up with a plan to keep his hired farm hands from eating the watermelon growing in his fields. He was troubled as it was cutting into his profits. So he came up with an idea. He posted a sign that read, “Caution! One of these watermelons is poisoned.”

And much to his delight, the watermelon thief stopped. After a few days, the land owner was ecstatic over his own cleverness. Then he saw it. From across the field, he noticed his sign had been altered. A second sentence had been added. Now the sign reads: “Caution! One of these watermelons is poisoned! Update: a second watermelon has been poisoned.”

The farm hands stuck together and revolted – with seven simple words. They lamented amongst each other, “This greedy jackass crossed the line. How dare he threaten to poison us for eating watermelon?”

The farm hands knew they had the upper hand over the land owner because the produce was in their hands – not his. The farm hands were able to take control from this greedy land baron. Or they made him at least declare a truce.

In free countries like America owning land has always given the people the power to control their own destiny. The land is where the real intrinsic value is. But who owns or controls the farmlands in America now-a-days? Is it Americans or multinational corporations?

Farm Jobs in US 1790 - 2000https://mjperry.blogspot.com/2010/07/increased-worker-productivity-has.html
Farm Jobs in US 1790 – 2000

Yikes! As you can see from this graph local farm jobs in America are basically gone. So are the local farms. They’ve been replaced by mega farm operations. Operating under the control of multinational corporations.

This chart makes it looks like the Communists have taken over. One of the main planks of Communism as noted in The Communist Manifesto is the abolition of private property.

Capitalism on the other hand has always encouraged property ownership. Capitalists see owning private property as a solid investment. In America, the land has always belonged to the people and private businesses – not to the authoritarian Top 1%ers or 62 individuals.

It important to understand the differences between communism, socialism and free market capitalism.

Communism is defined as “a totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production.” Their media is censored, and firearm ownership is nonexistent. Americans would describe communism as enslavement. Here are the 10 planks of communism: 

Abolishing ownership of all private property
Establishing system of heavy taxation
Abolishing the right to inherit
Centralizing credit and establishment of a state bank
Centralizing communication and transport with the state
Confiscating all emigrant and rebel property
Extending the means of production to the state
Equalizing liability to all levels of labor
Combining agriculture and manufacturing industries
Establishing a free public education system

Communist dictators understand that in order to maintain full control over people they need to control all the education/information, farmlands and all  industries. 


Definition of socialism
Definition of socialism

Socialism looks like communism. “A system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state.” 

Who in their right mind would agree to give more power and control to the big banks or the authoritarian 1%ers in Washington DC or Brussels? They are the ones who have produced the laws that have brought about the economic inequality.

Notice 3 “a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism.” (We added the screen shot so you can see we are not making this up)

What? …transitional between capitalism and communism? 

Are the authoritarian 1%ers in Washington DC passing laws transitioning the United States from capitalism to communism without telling us? Looking at the above graph it looks like they’ve already taken control of the farmlands – the life blood of each community.

Looking at the 10 planks of communism it looks like we are already living under an authoritarian 1% government controlled system. The days of living free owning the land- and grow what we want have all but disappeared.

On the other hand…

Free markets – an economy operating by free competition. Capitalism – an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods… such as property.

In a capitalist society it’s up to the people and free markets to make their own decisions – not the federal government authoritarians. Real capitalists would never have allowed the takeover of our country’s assets the way the evil banks and the authoritarian 1 %ers have. They’ve quietly stolen everything of value we need to live free.

Whatever happened to free market capitalism?

In the past, people like Mark Twain have complained and warned others about crony politicians setting the stage for the 1%ers to take over everything. Twain and Warner co-wrote a book about economic inequality in 1873 called The Gilded Age. It’s about the lust for getting rich and powerful through land speculation – the purchase of real estate, including farmland.

Because of the rampant greed and the corruption pervading national politics, Twain and Warner satirized a society whose serious problems, had been veiled by a thin coating of gold. Thus, “The Gilded Age.”

Here we are almost 150 years later, and we can see in the graph below how all the greed and corruption of “The Gilded Age” played out. Authors Twain and Warner saw it coming. Today we see and feel the serious economic injustice veiled by a thin coating of Top 1 % gold.

Trends in distribution of income
Trends in distribution of income

This Top 1% would never have been able to accumulate all this wealth without the help of the corrupt legislators in Washington DC. This isn’t free market capitalism. It’s crony socialism. Quietly transitioning us to communism.

The deceptive politicians in Washington DC who have rigged the system against us are socialists or communists. But, they masquerade around as greedy capitalists, thus giving capitalism a bad name.

Unsuspecting protestors see all the economic injustice and mistakenly blame what they think are greedy capitalists. Their solution: more socialism and less capitalism. In other words – more government control. Just what the deceptive socialist/communists want. And the transition from capitalism to communism rolls on.

 ~ News Flash ~ April 19, 2016 Behind Brazil’s corruption crisis is a deeper socialist disaster. 

An incredible THREE MILLION people have joined an anti-government protest in Brazil.courtesy the journal.ie
An incredible THREE MILLION people have joined an anti-government protest in Brazil.courtesy the journal.ie

Don’t expect the socialist/communist Establishment media to cover stories like these. 3 million people protesting economic justice and no coverage? Censorship.

Free Market Capitalism on the other hand is a system of economics that levels the playing field and minimizes government intervention and maximizes the role of the free market. Capitalism would never allow the Federal Reserve to just print money out of thin air and then allow banks to enslave us with it.

This seizure of our local economies is anything but free market capitalism.

A new report indicates 73% of Americans had outstanding debt when they were reported as dead, owing $61,554 each. This  should prove to the skeptics that the system has been rigged against us.

Even back in Mark Twain’s day, as land became more valuable the small to mid-sized independent farmers were taxed and regulated right off their farms. Valuable crops were seized too. The billion dollar cannabis and hemp industries which had provided food and medicine since the beginning of time were seized from the people through The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937.  KaBoom! Billion dollar industries, gone.

Returning the billion dollar cannabis and hemp industries to the people is of first necessity. Cannabis THC oil is known to be a cancer killer, among other things. Hemp seeds are a superfood for both man and beast. As we mentioned  in an earlier article, it was Thomas Jefferson who said, “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of our country.”

This is why the evil people seized the hemp industries – because they provide wealth and protection for our county. Cannabis and hemp are currently classified as Schedule 1 drugs right alongside heroin. The authoritarian 1% say these industrious crops are too dangerous for us to use.

They’re really only dangerous to the 1%ers because these billion dollar industries would help shift the power back to the local economies. The globalist’s nightmare – people growing hemp for food and cannabis for medicine.

The Future Belongs To Those Who Control The Cannabis And Hemp Industries
The Future Belongs To Those Who Control The Cannabis And Hemp Industries.

Local farms have been replaced with giant corporate mega farms located off in some distant land growing grain for their multinational clients like Kellogg’s Corn Flake Co, NYSE: K.  Revenue $14.7 billion in 2013.

Even as the mega multinationalist corporations have decimated our local economies, we find ourselves needing to rely on them to feed us. As they produce and provide our food for us American food producers sit idly by. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Co. makes about $14.7 billion each year and our local workers get nothing.

The flight of wealth out of the local economy

Chances are when you buy something in a store or make a payment for something online – that money leaves your local economy. It eventually ends up in the banks of multinational corporations off in some distant land. It doesn’t take an economist to see the negative impact that this flight of wealth has on our local economies.

Here are three examples.

1) Food Flight.

Grocery stores in Michigan for instance, sell Kellogg’s Cinnamon Pecan cereal  a Product of Michigan Product of Mexico. No kidding, the Kellogg’s Cinnamon Pecan cereal sold way up in the northern US comes all the way from the country of Mexico.

Unfortunately, all the workers and companies used to produce the Cinnamon Pecan cereal aren’t local. When we buy their cereal – the money we pay for it isn’t reinvested back into our local economy.

In the past, that cereal money stayed in the local economy. Many shared in the wealth – the farmers, butchers, bakers, drivers, grocers and life was good.

Yes now, even local grocery stores have been replaced by the multinational superstores like Walmart. NYSE WMT. Net income $13.6 billion in 2013. More money that was once part of our local economies – the local grocers. Zap! Gone.

There are clear winners and losers when we shop at our multinational Walmart to buy Kellogg’s Cinnamon Pecan cereal that was made in Mexico. The winners are 1) Mexico, 2) the multinational Kellogg Corn Flake Co. ($14.7 billion a year) and 3) multinational superstore Walmart. ($13.6 billion a year).

The losers are the local farmers, local butchers and bakers, truck drivers and local grocers. Basically the whole local community loses out. We still need to buy the cereal even though we didn’t make it. More money “transitioning” out of our local economies.

Multinational Walmart drains our economy even further. They pay their employees really low wages. So low in fact that Walmart employees receive 6.2 billion dollars each year in public assistance – just to make ends meet.

You can almost see the multinational Walmart CEO’s laughing all the way to the bank. Since Walmart pays such low wages, the US tax payers need to step in to help support the Walmart employees so they can make ends meet. All this as we transition away from capitalism.

Also, much of the merchandise sold in Walmart is Made In China. Poof! Gone from the local economy goes the money for the Chinese goods – back to China. American merchandise isn’t sold in Walmart because Americans don’t make things anymore. We are told we don’t make things anymore because our workers are too expensive.

The economic system is rigged against us. All we end up with is high rent, low paying jobs and cheap vacuum cleaners from China. By the way, Kellogg’s Cinnamon Pecan cereal from Mexico… it isn’t that good either. It isn’t fresh.

This is how multinational corporations like Walmart treat the American employees and the American taxpayers. Our handlers in Washington DC are apparently OK with this terrible situation we find ourselves in. Just think how bad they would treat us if we actually let them enslave us under communism.

The $15.00 per hour minimum wage hike isn’t a viable longterm solution. Under our current economic system – it would be a gimmick. Trying to force a multinational company to pay it’s workers fair wages? Ridiculous. We need to get our local economies back from them.

2) Migrant farm workers. “Hey wait!” before we lose you… hear us out.

 ~ Our solution to the migrant workers issue can be found in our blog titled: Our Goal Of Reaching 2016 Hemp Farms Now Seems Within Reach This blog is about how the US could help migrant workers develop local agricultural and industrial economies back in their homelands.

We should try helping people everywhere develop local industries in their own countries. That’s our solution. ~

Having said that, the negative impact migrant workers have on our local work force and local economies is enormous. These migrant workers fly in, do the work, get paid and send the money back home.

The United States is the largest source for funds sent overseas by foreign-born residents — in the world, the U.S. sent $54.2 billion in remittances abroad in 2014. This is money that has been extracted out of our local economy.

Using local employees would be much cheaper as you wouldn’t need to transport them all the way from Mexico or Central America. You also wouldn’t need to pay room and board for local workers. This alone could be quite a savings.

But, Americans aren’t offered the work. We are told we wouldn’t want to do the work – so it’s not offered to us. Somehow people from other countries get to fly in to do the work.

3) Mortgages and Insurance payments. This is the biggest flight of wealth out of the local economies. Billions, trillions (whatever that is)! Zap! Gone. Out of the local communities and into the hands of the socialist/communist authoritarian 1%ers. Just think what impact all that money could have on our local economies.

Is your insurance company local?

It’s starting to look like a concerted effort is underway to weaken America by removing all the intrinsic value and money from the local economies any way they can. The result is economic control consolidated into the hands of a few – which always leads to economic injustice.

Caption reads: History repeats itself - The Robber Barons of the Middle Ages and the Robber Barons of today.
Caption reads: History repeats itself – The Robber Barons of the Middle Ages and the Robber Barons of today.

In this snapshot of the past, the Robber Baron’s sash reads TRUST. On his sword is written LEGISLATION. Here we see the transition of land ownership from the free market capitalists to the authoritarian Top 1%. The common man and the farmers are seen submitting their wages and taxes to their new masters – the socialist/communist authoritarians. The Robber Barons.

So far the transition from capitalism to socialism/communism/globalism hasn’t gone too good for the American people. The time has come to transition back to free market capitalism before it’s too late.

It’s time to take back ownership of our homelands, our farmlands and our local economies. It’s time to walk away from those who wish to enslave us using Wall Street’s fiat money schemes. Now is the time to Re-Occupy Our Farmlands.


Thanks for reading. If you feel something is inaccurate or needs further explaining, please let us know so we can correct it. For many of us this article examined a lot of shocking information.

What’s just as shocking is what multinational companies like Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Co. are doing with their money. It’s time to sit up and take notice.


Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists?

Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists?

After reading Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists? you may agree that the “cronies” who are destroying the free market business climate in Michigan are not capitalists at all. Rather they are monopoly-forming socialists masquerading around as capitalists. Consequently, many concerned citizens see this cronyism and want change. They want to replace what they perceive as “crony capitalism” – with socialism.

When it comes to special government-granted privileges, the “too big to fail” multi-national Dow Chemical Company in Midland, MI. has an unmatched amount of influence in Lansing. It’s obvious they work very hard at preventing their most viable competition – the billion dollar cannabis and hemp industries, from returning to the state. Some may say this type of cronyism is legal and it’s just the way big money in business and government works.

But, as Dr. Charles Ormsby points out this isn’t crony capitalism – it’s crony socialism:

Highlights from Ormsby’s blog: Another Socialist Lie: Crony Capitalism

Ormsby: “In reality, crony capitalism is a logical impossibility. Because the special, government-granted privileges that are at the core of this problem contradict the very essence of capitalism and would never exist under capitalism.” (In other words, capitalism would never allow for these special privileges or monopolies.)

“In a capitalist society, individuals have the right to deal with others or not based on their own rational judgment. The government would have no power to interfere with a private commercial transaction… ” (What! The government would have no power to interfere..?)

 “So how does the “crony capitalist” end up with his unearned wealth (and control)? Did the government provide special monopoly power or restrict competition? Did the government give special tax advantages or burden his competitors with onerous regulations? If so, he is a thief and a beneficiary of socialism. If he supports the system that gave him these privileges he is not a capitalist, he is a socialist.”


So, Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists? According to Dr. Ormsby’s definition – Michigan is filled with crony socialists. Continue reading “Is it Michigan’s Crony Capitalists or Crony Socialists?”

One photo showing America losing her wealth and protection

One photo showing America losing her wealth and protection… that is if you agree with Thomas Jefferson’s quote: “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.”

(If you don’t have time to read this blog, please consider calling your Senators in Washington DC and urge them to cosponsor the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015. Their contact information is at the end of the blog.)

All the hemp seed available in the U.S. is stacked in this Kentucky warehouse under armed guard. Next year, USDA hopes, there'll be enough to grow 350,000 acres.
All the hemp seed available in the U.S. is stacked in this Kentucky warehouse under armed guard. Next year, USDA hopes, there’ll be enough to grow 350,000 acres.

One photo showing America losing her wealth and protection

Can you imagine back in the day, Aunt Bee from the Andy Griffith Show relaxing in her easy chair, sipping her sweet tea and reading the above article in the Mayberry Gazette. “Oh look, it’s Sheriff Andy and Deputy Barney diligently guarding the hemp seed for us. Nice work, fellas!” she thinks to herself as she moves onto the next story. Confident the hemp seeds are safe from the birds and other predators.


Hemp 101:  Both hemp and cannabis come from the cannabis sativa plant. Industrial hemp varieties contain less than 0.3% THC. This single factor (0.3%) is how most people distinguish between what is classified as “hemp” and what is classified as “cannabis.” Cannabis can contain upwards of 25% THC. THC produces the euphoric and medicinal effects. Both hemp and cannabis produce effective CBD oils.

Did you know hemp seeds are a super food? The seeds are rich in essential fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, including omega-3s, which can help fight coronary heart disease, cancer, and even symptoms of depression. Hemp seeds are also a rich and unusual source of the polyunsaturated fatty acid gamma linolenic acid, or GLA.

Hemp seeds are also a great source of food for livestock, poultry and pets.

For more on hemp seeds as a super food: http://greatist.com/health/superfood-hemp also Hemp Seeds: A Super food You Need In Your Diet http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/03/01/hemp-seeds-a-superfood-you-need-in-your-diet/


Little did Aunt Bee know…

A story about a sovereign nation quietly losing vast amounts of her wealth and protection will no doubt include plenty of deception and intimidation. The deception in the photo is in the caption; that the people could expect around 350,000 acres of hemp to be grown the following year. That’s the amount of acreage the USDA said they were hoping for. Well, 80 years later, we all know ~ that didn’t happen.

The intimidation in the photo is obvious. Safe to say these two armed guards probably weren’t local. Were they even American? What American law enforcement personnel would ever go along with the dastardly deed of removing such a valuable crop from our society? Unless these men were lied to or deceived as to what the real mission was. Continue reading “One photo showing America losing her wealth and protection”

Religious Crusaders v. The State of Colorado

Who exactly is behind the lawsuits over Colorado’s legal marijuana?

Out-of-state anti-drug crusaders are taking Colorado marijuana to court 

Denver Post 01/17/2016

The above article by Ricardo Baca, is one of the most informative articles I’ve read in a while. The ramifications of the lawsuits brought on by these “anti-drug crusaders” aren’t just limited to Colorado. Also, it’s easy to conclude that these crusaders really have only one enemy ~ the cannabis sativa plant.

Brian Barnes, a Washington, D.C attorney with Cooper & Kirk, is quoted as saying: “We’re putting a bounty on the heads of anyone doing business with the marijuana industry…,”

Question: Who is this arrogant sounding East Coast attorney? Putting a bounty on the heads of law abiding citizens out in Colorado!” This flag is displayed on the Cooper & Kirk web site means, “Either conquer or die.”

"Vincere aut mori" is Latin meaning "Either conquer or die."
“Vincere aut mori” is Latin for “Either conquer or die.”

Yikes! Just who are these people with their strange sounding battle cry? What must they conquer with their lawsuits and what are they willing to die for?

These highlights from the Denver Post article gives a glimpse into who they are and what they are up to.

  • The lawsuits, which make allegations of racketeering and claim that Colorado’s pot laws violate the U.S. Constitution,… (RICO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act)
  • “I don’t think the general public understands who is really behind these cases,” said Christian Sederberg, a Denver attorney who focuses on marijuana law. “It’s critical that the people of Colorado know that there are out-of-state legal interests and policymakers who are essentially and entirely backing these cases.”
  • Brian Barnes, the attorney representing Washington, D.C.-based Safe Streets. “As we understand the law under RICO, anyone who provides services to a marijuana operation is exposing themselves to potential liability under RICO.”

Continue reading “Religious Crusaders v. The State of Colorado”