Hemp For Food Benefit Concert

Self-help gurus have suggested: Put Your Dreams On Paper… and Watch What Happens. So, here’s ours.

Hemp For Food Benefit Concert

Few things can command the attention of bringing together the musical giants of the world. Hunger is one of those exceptions. As we’ve seen in the past, these influential artists are willing and able to back worthy causes.

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  • Live Aid was a dual-venue concert held on 13 July 1985. The event was organized by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to raise funds for relief of the ongoing Ethiopian famine. Held simultaneously at Wembley Stadium in London, England, and John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia, PA. It was one of the largest-scale satellite link-ups and television broadcasts of all time: an estimated global audience of 1.9 billion, across 150 nations, watched the live broadcast.
  • Farm Aid 1985 – present Started as a benefit concert in Champaign, Illinois, held to raise money for family farmers in the United States. The concert was organized by Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young, spurred on by Bob Dylan’s comments at Live Aid earlier in that year that he hoped some of the money would help American farmers in danger of losing their farms through mortgage debt.
  • Hemp For Food Benefit Concert 2015. The Hemp For Food global marathon concert would serve two purposes. 1) raise money for Hemp Farm Kits™* 2) educate people to the benefits of hemp seeds as a nutritious, THC free Superfood, that could help end world hunger.

How hard would it be to get great musicians to want to participate in this global event designed to end world hunger? I know… I know… Reality sets in – it’s just a ridiculously crazy dream on paper here. But still, it seems every style of music could be represented with supportive musicians of all generations willing to lend a helping hand. From pop, rock, soul, hip-hop, doo-wop, country even authentic Hispanic and African ensembles.

Short interesting film clips could be added between musical acts. Clips about how hemp seeds can help end world hunger. Other film clips could be pleas from musicians and other dignitaries asking the people to donate toward Hemp Farm Kits.

So, why not a Hemp For Food Benefit Concert? We know it’s an uphill battle: for one, persuading great musicians with their complicated contracts and all to show up at a specific time to perform online for a worldwide audience, for starters. Also, how many countries would be involved with live performers and satellite link-ups? Who would provide the satellite link-ups and television broadcasts to an estimated global audience of 1.9+ billion, across 150 nations?

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How much money (other peoples money, of course) would be needed before the concert even began? Obviously, way out of our league especially since we don’t even have a concert promoter lined up yet!

Offering hemp for hungry/impoverished people is worth the fuss. If you can help out in any way please contact us at hempforfood@gmail.com. Let’s end world hunger together, one hemp plant at a time. In the meantime if anyone knows a drummer in the Detroit area available to play with the hempforfood group… Must have your own transportation!


*Hemp Farm Kits contain 50 hemp seeds for growing, 50 grow pellets, soil support a hand tool and instructions. The kits are designed to be donated to impoverished people willing to grow their own food, fuel and fiber.