Simpson: Cannabis THC Oil Kills Cancer Not CBD

Editors note: This blog titled “Simpson: Cannabis THC Oil Kills Cancer Not CBD” contains the most important, beneficial and possibly life-saving information we’ve ever published. The title is borrowed from a recent interview with medical cannabis expert Rick Simpson he did with Cannabis.Net. Please, consider reading and sharing what Simpson has to say concerning this “cancer killing” recipe. It just might save someone’s life.


J S Bach 1685-1750, is still revered as one of classical music’s few great masters. When it comes to harmony and counterpoint, he’s still the “go to” guy. His contributions to the music world have been enormous. Yet, in the grand scheme of things Bach’s contributions to humanity pale in comparison to the contributions Rick Simpson’s cancer killing recipe has had on humanity.

Like Bach, only in the modern natural healthcare world, Rick Simpson 1949-present, is one of healthcare’s few great contributors. When it comes to using cannabis oil to cure cancer he’s the “go to” guy. Simpson is known for his documentary titled “Run From The Cure.” He is also known as a humanitarian for freely sharing the “cancer killing” cannabis oil recipe with the public as found on his web site

The Official Rick Simpson From - Simpson: Cannabis THC Oil Kills Cancer Not CBD
“I want people to know how to heal themselves.” Rick Simpson

For years now, cancer patients have  gone to Simpson’s web site, copied the recipe for free, and simply made the cannabis oil themselves. Many of these former cancer patients are now cancer free and have posted their testimonials on YouTube and on the

So, when Rick Simpson comes out with any new information, many people naturally want to hear what he has to say. The information Simpson divulges in this interview with Cannabis.Net is worth the time. Simpson’s words are in italics. The whole interview is available here

The following are some selected highlights. Two themes from the interview are 1) Medicinally speaking… Simpson’s advice on the cannabis THC oil, and 2) Politically speaking… his views concerning the politics of pot.

If you can take away just one bit of information from this blog – let it be the medicinal information concerning the “cancer killing” THC oil.

Theme 1. Medicinally speaking… Simpson: Cannabis THC Oil Kills Cancer Not CBD

Simpson’s “cancer killing” recipe calls for a heavy Indica cannabis strain containing 20% THC or higher. (Note: THC oil is different than CBD oil.) Continue reading “Simpson: Cannabis THC Oil Kills Cancer Not CBD”

Two photos from the war on cannabis

Two photos from the war on cannabis

Photo #1

Gov Tom Wolf celebrating with families after the re-legalization of medical cannabis in Pennsylvania.
Governor Tom Wolf celebrating with families after the re-legalization of medical cannabis in Pennsylvania. Photo courtesy

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, signed Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana bill into law last Sunday, calling it “a great, great day for Pennsylvania.” He added that he and the majority of Pennsylvania’s lawmakers were responding not to a special interest group or to campaign contributors, but to “a real human need.”

One thing that stands out in this photo is the exuberance on the faces of those present. Seeing the joy on all those mother’s faces says a real human need has been met, indeed. Governor Wolf knows he’s accomplished something monumental as the governor of Pennsylvania and from the photo you can tell – it feels good.

This re-legalization law will benefit the happy families who are standing there behind the governor. Their children can now get their medical cannabis, legally. One less thing for the moms to have to worry about.

Something else that stands out in this photo is the special bond parents, especially mothers, have with their children. The majority of the pot activists in this photo are women/mothers. As noted here in the following excerpt, many mothers will do almost anything to help their sick children. They’ve also shown they will even break the law if necessary. Woe to the person or institution that comes between a mother and the medicine she needs to treat her sick child! Continue reading “Two photos from the war on cannabis”