Welcome To Reefer Madness circa 2015

WXYZ Detroit’s Reefer Madness 2015 campaign continues full throttle and is well funded by Big Pharma. Their quest to keep cannabis and hemp out of the people’s hands show no signs of slowing down.

Hemp for Central America

Embracing and supporting the hemp industry in Central America could help ease the deplorable living conditions there as well as in other parts of the world. Our politicians know this – […]

Hemp Is A Schedule 1 Drug.

  U.S. law governing hemp – from Kentucky Agriculture Department site http://www.kyagr.com/  Under the current U.S. drug policy, all cannabis varieties, including hemp, are considered Schedule I controlled substances under the […]

The hemp exemption pt 2

Back in 1961, a large group of powerful people convened at the Single Convention of 1961. The goal of the Convention was to keep people from using substances that state […]

How secure is your food supply?

Many experts concur – We are all susceptible to food security issues to one degree or another. Susceptible or not, we Americans appear to be woefully unprepared to feed ourselves […]