hempforfood.org is working to end world hunger by promoting local hemp farming. We are a non-profit organization located in Michigan.

Hemp Farm Kits

Our goal is to donate Hemp Farm Kits to future hemp farmers. This will allow them to grow their own hemp for food, fuel, medicine and building materials. Each Hemp Farm Kit will contain hemp seeds, soil support (if needed) and instructions.

Hemp Farm Kit - hempforfood.org
Hemp Farm Kit – a starter kit for future hemp farmers.

Our hempforfood tee-shirts

Hemp is classified as a Schedule 1 drug. Therefore, we are currently unable to send out the Hemp Farm Kits. In the meantime, we’ve designed a (hopefully) cool tee-shirt to educate people to the benefits of hemp. Green or white, in small, medium, large and extra large each shirt is $20.00.

hempforfood tee-shirt
hempforfood tee-shirt: Ending World Hunger One Hemp Plant At A Time

hempforfood.org ~ relying on donations

We realize many future hemp farmers currently live in poverty. Therefore, our goal is to donate the Hemp Farm Kits to them free of charge. As they grow they will need other resources as well. We plan on donating these, too. Once the hemp farmers become profitable they can begin to pay us back so we can continue donating the Hemp Farm Kits to others.

Our plan is to ask for a $40.00 donation per each kit. Someone who donates $40.00 can receive a Hemp Farm Kit so they can get planting. Also, with that $40.00 dollar donation we will put together another Hemp Farm Kit to send to a future hemp farmer somewhere in Mexico.

It’s interesting to note the scarcity of hemp seeds for planting. Purple haze, green crack or sour diesel, these cannabis seeds are everywhere. But, does anyone know where to get high quality hemp seeds for planting? If anyone knows where we can find some – please let us know. Thanks.