High School Hemp Gardens

Have you ever walked into a high school building and were almost knocked back by the large amount of CO2 in the air? It gets worse as the day goes on. Fortunately, there is a solution:

● Dr. Who on The Weed blog writes: Humans breathe in oxygen (O) and breathe out carbon dioxide (CO2). Plants do the reverse. They “breathe in” CO2 and “breathe out” oxygen (O). This is why plant life is an essential part of the worlds’ ecosystem. Without plants, CO2 levels would rise to intolerable levels. (Like in the high schools!) Plants use CO2 for growth. It is the essential building block for photosynthesis (along with light and water). Plants cannot grow without CO2.

● Hemp is the miracle plant of our time, breathing in 4x the carbon dioxide (CO2) of trees during it’s quick 12-14 week growing cycle. Dewey & Merrill. Bulletin #404. U.S. Dept. of Age. 1916

Conclusion: Every high school building ought to have a hemp garden in it to take advantage of the high amounts of CO2 present. The students could learn to grow hemp to provide 1) fresh air exchange program for the students 2) hemp seeds that the students could use to make foods 3) the hemp fibers could be used in “shop classes” to build just about everything.

Does anyone have a good reason why high schools are banned from this “healthy hemp” learning experience?

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